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  1. Hello, Can anyone suggest how to manually update the Admin Kit, I tried to give the path of the folder in configure updater settings in Admin kit, but it gives a pop up as unable to retrive the updates. Anything that I'm missing? or should I do something else? Thanks in advance.. Regards, J
  2. Hello, Can anyone suggest any option to proceed. Regards. J
  3. Hello D, I could not locate msjq32.dll dll, ran Icesword, and got this weird thing of rundll32.exe in conjuction with msjq32.dll.. attaching the snap shot of it, I was not able to run combofix as the version that i had was old, says that i need to have the latest version. Can you please suggest how to proceed. Thanks & Regards, J.
  4. Hi, While installing KAV win Workstation software, it doesn't complete installation, it doesn't give me a option to given a license key before that only the installtion screen exits, disappears.. When system is restarted Kav icon does not appear on the taskbar. It seems that KAV is partially installed. I had unistalled using kav removal tool, reinstalled, still the same problem. Can anyone please help. The link to GSI summary is given, http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...3a41069b0efdcd# Regards, J
  5. Ok, is there any way to overcome this issue, as it is a pretty old laptop, getting to increase the memory is tedious task. Thanks to both of you for your help... Regards, J
  6. And attaching the summary of Sysinfo log file. http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?file=5a88...ht=&force=1 Regards, J
  7. Hi, I get an error when trying to install Kaspersky Workstation(kav6.0.3.837) software in a 64 bit XP system. Attaching the screen shot of the error. Kindly let me know, what's the issue. "Spaciba! Spaciba!" in advance, Regards, J
  8. Extremely Sorry, was away, and was not able to reply earlier. Thanks Richbuff, your registry suggestion worked. I changed the entry in registry and Bingo KIS 7.0 is working. :b_lol1: Whole hearted THANK YOU!! :bravo: Only thing I did, was to not want to take risk again, and have installed KIS 7.0 with Custom option installing only AV features and it's working fine. Rds, J
  9. Hi, I assume you are not using a legal version of Tally 7.2. This some time happens in such cases. My suggestion to you is upgrade to latest version of Kaspersky, ie you install KIS you can freely upgrade to KIS 7.0 with the same activation code as of KIS 6.0) and then go to Kaspersky settings>protection>there on the right side of the panel you'll have Compatibility, check on Compatibility option. Restart the system and check, it should be working fine. Regards,
  10. Hi Richbuff, Happy to be welcomed, will be more elated if the problem can be diagnosed and solved. I tried reinstalling KIS couple of times, but the result is same. so reverted back to KIS which is working fine, but the problem is the KIS 6.0 license is expiring in couple of days and i have bought the license for KIS 7.0 So need some solution ASAP. Thanks for your help. JJ
  11. Hi, I had installed KIS 6.0 which was working fine in the Laptop, now after installing KIS, the system is in a loop. After giving the login password, it says windows has been changed and have to restart.The system works fine in safe mode. Sending the Getsysinfo file for analysis. Please suggest how to proceed. Thanks in adavance. JJ sysinfo.txt
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