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  1. Gotta revive this old thread... I've narrowed this down a little bit. The servers that this is happening on all have the Microsoft MAPI/CDO tools installed. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=1004 Uninstalling the MAPI/CDO tools will eliminate the error, but I can't do that, as these servers rely on it to send and receive emails.
  2. Bump. Now having this problem on 3 different servers. All running
  3. Here's the second screen shot, since 300k isn't much space for pictures!
  4. I'm having a problem with two of my Server 2008 R2 machines, running When they run the weekly scan that I have scheduled for Sunday, they hit a point where the application apparently tries to send out an email and can't. At this point, the scan will stop until the dialog box is closed out. I'm not sure what's causing this, as the application should report any problems back to the admin kit, and then the admin kit should send out the email. I've tested the email option in the admin kit, and it's configured properly. Here's the screenshots of the 2 servers. As you can see, they get stopped on different files. The scans always come up clean, with no warnings or infected objects.
  5. Figured it out... Every time you right-click on a computer and select "install application", it creates a new "Task for specific computer". I had some 100 of these tasks listed. After deleting them all and clearing the event logs, the database was able to be shrunk from 18gb to 250mb.
  6. It's the .mdf file that's 18+ gb. The database is set to simple recovery and is backed up nightly/weekly. The log is only ~400mb. Hoping someone has a suggestion, because I'm not finding anything in the admin kit itself....
  7. Running Kaspersky Admin Kit 8.0.2163, supporting 315 computers, database on a SQL 2008 install. Database has grown to 18+ GB, but I don't know where to look in the Admin Kit to see what's not being purged. I'm guessing it's events of some sort, but I don't know. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. I get them occasionally, but haven't been able to find a resolution or a true cause. Basically I'm down to just ignoring them... I actually just got one last night at 6:40pm.
  9. Why not just have a common installer with a radio button to choose?
  10. Typically the reboot is due to an update of the NDIS driver for network scanning, or for other program module updates. The actual virus definitions require no reboot, so the program should still be protected with the latest definitions. Just reboot the server whenever it's convenient.
  11. Hi Luke, I have 8.0 running on my Exchange 2007 SP3 box in production. We have approx 215 users, and a total data size of 300gb. I've noticed no slowdown in the day-to-day operations of the Exchange server. As far as viruses go, our mail is filtered by our Appriver spam service before it gets into our environment. Still, KAV has picked up on virus-infected emails that Appriver has missed. Just recently, we had about 20 emails hit our system all at 4am, going to different users. KAV blocked them all Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Noah
  12. The event is recorded as 51920. I wasn't running any full scan at the time. Oh, and I'm running Exchange 2007.
  13. Got this alert in my email today: Subject: An Event Occurred on the <servername> server and was logged. Body: 8/18/2011 3:40:27 PM Critical AntivirusMailboxAgent: System.InvalidOperationException: Error executing VIRSCAN_CONTEXT_IF::ReadStream() Error code is 2147746063. Error occured in Mailbox::Antivirus::ScannedItem::Read (.\ScannedItem.cpp:162) at ?A0xfd6db2a5.ReportContextIfError(UInt32 errorCode, String callDetails, SourceCodeSite codeSite) at Mailbox.Antivirus.ScannedItem.Read(Byte[] buffer, UInt32 position, UInt32 byteNumber, UInt32& bytesRead) at Mailbox.Scanner.VsapiStoredMessageContent.CopyScannedItemToInteropStream(IScanne dItemStream scannedStream, IStream stream) at Mailbox.Scanner.ScannedItemProcessor.Process(IScannedItem item) Any thoughts?
  14. Just to state above, yes you can install the admin console on your workstation and connect to the server. You can also do the same for the Exchange A/V console, if you are running Kaspersky for Exchange.
  15. No problem - glad it helped you, too!
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