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  1. I have KSOS set to complete full scan daily on all systems. However on most scans, 1 win 7 ultimate machine, will reboot during the scan. When i check for the reason KSOS tells me it had an unknown malfunction. This happens on 1 particular about 98% of the time, and more randomly on other machines including the server. From what i can see on the times that a full scan is completed there are no virus's, malware etc detected. Its extremely frustrating, even more so when the server just drops out whilst working on something across the net, as the server looks after the gateway etc, so everything you have been working on can get lost, if you are not careful. this doesnt seem to happen at any particular point during the scan either. one time it might just after the scan starts, next time it literally could be after 3 hours of scanning.
  2. I did actually contact our local Kaspersky tech support, who logged in via remote, and was unable to fix the issue. He advised that he would need a file and would email some program to create the log, unfortunately I havent heard from him. I think he may have misunderstand my email address. I have been thru most things that I knew about and the all things I could find on the support pages on the website still no luck. Last I heard from the person i spoke to was that the issue would be escalated, but he need the log. So i remembered the logs we would request when I was much more active on the forum, and figured I would upload these. Hopefully someone may have had similar issues and can remember how they solved it. I hadnt disabled anything deliberately, everthing was working until i setup a remote session to the server from this machine, since then been receiving this issue of the licence verification problem and the download of the updates being unsuccessful. I'll give it a few more days and then try them again.
  3. I have a SBS2011 standard server, and several PC's all machiens work fine, with the exception of 1 pc. that everytime it goes to do the update from the server it give a licence verification failed error. If I then allow this machine to update directly from the kaspersky servers it fails everytime it get to KLAVA, where it says its unable to verify and update KLAVA, and so rolls back the databases. I have uninstalled and reinstalled KSOSv2 9.0.59 with the same issues. The verification issue only started after I remoted to the server to do some maintenance on it, from this one win7 machine. I have run the getsysinfo http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9bd3eee53eac637 Hope someone can give me an indication fo where to go to fix this. regards Jeff GetSystemInfo_JEFFS_PC_jefffunnell_2012_10_25_22_22_15.zip
  4. The reason you cant see the other computers is most likely a firewall issue, in particular a windows firewall issue. Even though you have KSOS installed, the windows firewall still blocks somethings. Which also falls into a network issue. had the same problem myself. the other issue of updates is something different. you would need to check the log in KSOS for the updates and see if there is a particular point at which it stops the update. The fact that an update occured at roughly the same time is more likely a coincidence, but it is also possible that there is a conflict with something installed on the machine in question. which is the reason others have asked for the trace to be done and sent off.
  5. I had this problem, eventually it will get to the point where kms will just close by itself. I found a virus on my phone. It was only after the phone did a full scan, now you cant do one manually, you will need to schedule it. and allow it time to perform that schedule. re-installing the symbian using Ovi didnt fix it either. kms quarantined it, by i deleted it, and thats when all the bigger problems started. The virus I found is a trojan-sms. in the end the only way i could get the phone working properly is to do a restore on the phone itself, which involved the phone deleting all data and then it re-installed the symbian by its self It was lucky i had most things backed up Unfortunately since then i have reinstalled everything only to find last night that i have the same issue again. It seems to have affected the file midlet.jar. i'm not sure what this file is for, whether or not it is tied up with the phone or can i delete it. I cant find any info on the actual trojan either in kasperskys site. they dont currently have a definition of what it does. but somehow the software is able to pick up the trojan. Anyway good luck and let us know what happens.
  6. Unfortunately removing KMS from the phone didnt fix it either. I'm of the belief that whatever it was got through KMS I even re-installed the firmware on the phone hoping that would fix the issue but it still didnt. I finally fixed it by having the phone completely delete all data, and then restoring Symbian ^3, Luckily I had everything backed up. I will now have to re-install kms. I have to wonder why it didnt stop the virus though in the first place. I know it quarantined it, but surely I would think that it would have caught it before it tried to go changing things.
  7. Hi all, I have an E7-00 nokia, running Symbian ^3, The phone has been a bit sluggish so i thought I would do a full scan to be sure. The scan cant get pass the first file, if it gets there at all, before reporting memory is full, please closed some applications. There are no applications running. And there is over 200Mb of space on C drive and several Gigs on the next drive. So the phone is not short of space or memory. KMS is the latest version available at the moment and has all the lastest updates. It is suppose to update and scan every night. I checked the quarantine area before scanning the first time and found a file which was reported as an SMS/ trojan, so i deleted it. Unfortunately I didnt think to write down the name first. It was then that I tried to do a full scan, only to find it kept reporting this memory full error. So i tried to complete just a memory scan with no luck, An object scan no luck either, It didnt matter what kind of scan i ran I get this error. After a short time Kaspersky started to shutdown by itself. Eventually I managed to get it to start the scan, it got the first file and thats where it stayed for over 8 hours, when i touched the screen it reported memory full again. I even restarted the phone and then did a reset on the phone all with the same results. Then all of a sudden After KMS shut itself down again. And i tried to restart KMS it then reported that it hadnt been activated ( i had activated it some months ago when i bought it ), So i found the activation code and entered it again. KMS was activated correctly. tried to scan again all with the same results. Now somethings on the phone are not working such as the conversation section of my sms. Everytime i open it, it just closes again straight away. I have also completed a factory restore. still with no luck. I am trying to avoid re-installing symbian ^3, Does anyone have suggestions.
  8. Any chance for other KMS versions in the future to work on 9500...Had problems with the last version that i bought sometime ago...where the scheduler would have problems every night, where i had asked if to do scan and an update whilst i was asleep..it also slowed the phone down to a crawl. would be happy to test new versions if you needed anyone else to help..not sure how many people you have testing, but i'm from australia and supply my imei etc.. whilst V6 worked it was flawed on my 9500 to would be keen to help if allowed
  9. Hi Viktor, Will V7 that has been released work on a nokia 9500 or are we no supporting it any longer... I tried to down the software off the main kaspersky website, no matter where i download it from it will not install...the phone say no installer available, but when i tried to install the previous version 6 it works...
  10. jraduga , 9500 it not Symbian Os 9x device (latest beta is only for such phones), but i am sure Victor will help you soon. As I've understood you have troubles with the release version(6.0.70) on your phone? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All I have installed is the original release, unsure of what version...I have asked to be involved in the mp1 release, but am getting no where...whilst the phone is not symbiam Os9x, you do have to test the software for the 9500 as in the form that it was released it doesnt work properly. Or perhaps not, you could always do a release again like the original release that I asked to be involved in back then, that also doesnt work.
  11. Viktor, Some time ago, I asked to be a beta tester for mp1, and you replied by saying that there is always room for more english speaking testers. you asked for us to PM you...Which i did...I have asked many times before to do testing for the nokia 9500, and have been told previously you werent going to bother with it, as it was just going to be included in the final product. When it was finally released it was buggy and crashed constantly...I asked to help with MP1, and you said to PM you, but i have never heard from you again... I do Beta KIS for the pc, and am a gold beta tester there, so i am a little unsure what the problem seems to be... I will be updating this phone to the new E90 when it is released later this year, and would also like to test it on there.... The nokia 9500 that i currently have, has all the optioned used, I have a separate fax number for it, use the wireless lan facilities and the gprs data facilities, I use email on it and of course as a phone as well.. It actually has 4 Mobile number attached to the phone...So i believe of all the phones it would the one for testing on. but for what ever the reason you dont seem to think that it is worth it. I have tried to PM you again, but still no response,why is it so hard to beta test this for the nokia 9500 Jeff
  12. Hi Viktor... Can u tell me when we might be starting testing on MP1 ...especially looking to help with it for the 9500... I have looked thru the pages but cant find any info on it...maybe i have gone blind...probably have actually... Jeff
  13. Hi Viktor, thanks for the info about the known bug, The sms/mms can be forwarded on if u need...there is nothing special about them just messages from friends and mates etc. The only messages that are picked up are ones from the phone provider, eg ones saying the a number called and they didnt leave a message. As far as the access point goes...I have several access points set up on the phone, for use depending on where i am at the time...We should be able to say I want to use a certain access point for updates. there is no default access point. basically i have a wireless access point set up, and also a standard gprs access point setup. With GPRS we pay quite heavily for it, so i only use that access point when i have to. Kav needs to have that flexibility added in to allow you to select... Jeff
  14. Hi all, I have a nokia 9500, and have installed the latest version of kav mobile on my nokia 9500. On initial use the software seems very good, nice simple interface. Scanning is great and so is the update feature, so long as you do it manually However, if you have things like the the update scheduled and the scanning scheduled then i constantly find every morning that Kav has crashes. With an error being displayed...its an error code of 3. and then the phone tries to terminate kav... From that moment onwards Kav, whilst it doesnt completely stop functioning, its also doesnt operate fully either. With even little things like the Kav symbol in the top left corner being a blank square, to Including things like Kav not opening up again. Also not all messages seem to be caught by kav, with most sms's and mms's going straight thru to the phn, instead of being displayed by kav to be either skipped, white-listed, or black-listed... Also Kav needs to able to select the actual connection to be used for things like updates. currently you can select "wireless update" or "search on phone". With a phone like the nokia 9500 you have the availbality of setting up wireless LAN connections, normal gsm connection, irda, bluetooth...all of which can be used to access the net. you need to be able to select the actual connection, for instance i have set the update process to occur at 3am, whilst i am asleep, at home I have my own wireless network setup, that i want the phn to use for access to the net, thus saving unneccesary gsm data calls...When I am out I use the gsm data connection. Any help with the error would be great. I hope also the suggestion can be included in future. Jeff
  15. Hi all, Is this TR version able to be used on nokia 9500....or when is a version going to be release...I have been beta testing kIS6 for sometime, and would really like to test it on the nokia 9500 Jeff
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