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  1. Yes, NC10 & N110 are almost the same hardware. KIS special edition will run on the NC10 with 2 GB ram. Off-topic; I would recommend the upgrade to 2GB ram, the whole netbook will feel snappier
  2. The Special Edition installs & runs perfectly fine on a netbook with 2 GB (Samsung N110).
  3. Northpole, please make sure you don't mix up your info. The Diskeeper screenshots you show, can be well attributed to a first full scan, when KAV is building up its report store. Now, the "MFT problem" is something different. Unfortunately, the screenshots show up to unclear for me to check the amount of fragmented system files, but a best guess looks like that it isn't bad.
  4. Hi cajuntek, Do you use Win XP? If so, what happens if you set Thunderbird as default mail program through the 'Set default programs' applet of Win XP?
  5. The more money there is to be made, the more malware will be produced. Sad but true.
  6. KIS 6.0.621 on Vista x32 / x64 business / ultimate: no problems.
  7. Then send a request to kaspersky re: md5 values. If they receive enough requests, they might decide to post them...
  8. I have had KAV and BOClean together, no problems between these two. Does it add extra protection? I don't know, never had BOClean detect anything then false positives on my machine. Then again, KAV has never detected anything but FP's as well... On my brothers machine, it nailed two Trojans two years ago (he wasn't using KAV, then). Long story short: computer security is simple! Simple procedures like being careful with email, don't download warez and pr0n etc. will keep your machine safe. On the other hand, if you like to live risky, BOClean (or any other program for that matter...) will add an additional layer to your security, but will not be able to safe you. I have spoken...
  9. Nice writeup, Ron! I agree wholeheartedly! Outbound filtering is IMO a nice gimmick, but no real security feature. To many ways around it.
  10. It is just a temporary folder, safe to delete. Two things I'm not sure about: It could be needed if you do a repair installation (the MSI installer package is stored in this folder) or an upgrade to a newer version of Kaspersky (MP3 for example; again the MSI could be needed).
  11. Hi Jerry, Explorer means Windows Explorer (you can open it by clicking My Documents or My Computer etc.) Just type the ftp://data.kaspersky.ru in the address space and press enter. Then click on file (upper right hand corner) and were back to the earlier instructions. Now about the zip file. You have 7zip right? Make a readme text file with you problem description (just use notepad to make that text file) in the Kaspersky folder right next to the log files. Select all log-files + readme file, them right click on them -> 7-Zip -> add to archive. Press on the button with the three small dots in the upper left hand corner. A browse window opens. Now browse to the Desktop, and enter a file name (something like Jerry_20070202_launch_crash) and press open. You will be back at the 7-Zip window. Set archive format to zip, then press ok. Voila, zip is made .
  12. Yes. Add all dump files to the same archive, and put a readme file in it with a description of the problem and a link to this thread. Or to another folder... Just remember were you store them Go with EXPLORER (NOT IE) to: ftp://data.kaspersky.ru click file -> login as Username: kav2006dump Password: zpJRMUmvpJUdKnYq then simply copy the zip file in the main screen. You cannot see the files once uploaded. Good luck!
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