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  1. Have you checked for other processes running on the local machine when VNC is running. Also you have some of your rules unticked, which means they won't work. So just check the ones you need are selected.
  2. I think Kirill already answered the main question, but also by selecting the Kaspersky lab update servers, you are saying the internet. The other option would be the administration server, which incidentally is the task you tried selecting under "Admin Server". The admin server update task should run regularly (Usually once an hour) and other machines on the network can update from it. Let us know if you need any further help
  3. I'm 100% not sure why it changed, but I think the webserver address is no longer linked to the MDM server address. The MDM server address won't have changed, just the webserver address for the profile. Properties of the administration server (rather than the MDM server) is where to find the web server address settings.
  4. Can you not start it from the start menu - programs - Kaspersky? Or you can check the services are running manually. Very few programs will start automatically in safe mode, that's what it's designed for.
  5. Hi Have a look at the web server settings in the properties of the administration server. If you set your external address there it should fix the issue.
  6. Hi Scott So as some of the other have said, you need to create a task rather than a policy. And the profiles aren't going help you either as they relate to policies. So as glabrador said if you create a task for specific computers to run an update, you can now (Since SP1) select to run the task on a selection of computers. This way every time the task runs it queries the selection and updates the list of computers it runs on. The obvious selection to pick is the databases are outdated one, but you might want to make some adjustments to the selection before you create the task. Hopefully that helps clear things up a little.
  7. First I would lock it all and see if that forces the settings down as you would expect. Then deal with the password protection afterwards.
  8. You need to lock the padlocks in your policy to enforce the changes and stop the users from being able to change the settings.
  9. KES is definitely fine on a server, but you should make sure you have met the requirements http://support.kaspersky.com/kes10fs#requirements You may want to check how you installed the application to make sure you specified to install the protection components. (File Anti Virus, Firewall and Network Attack Blocker)
  10. Possibly the certificate is not correct in your package, so let us know about running the klmover command. There's obviously some connection between your machines, but it doesn't look like there is on port 13000, hence looking at telnet.
  11. A report will always be sent via it's server not the master, so i think you're trying to do something that can't be done. My suggestion would be to save the report from the slave server and not sent it by email. However this means you can't schedule it. If you have to schedule it then you'll need to find a mail server on the slave domain.
  12. Hi So you can ping the client from the server, but can you telnet to the IP address of the server from the client on port 13000? As Evgeny said you can try running the klmover -address command to reset the network agent settings.
  13. Hi Jacek Just select to use no key for now. Or you can try deselecting your key in the repository to be "automatically deployed" while you install and add it back later
  14. I think you might be going off track, because the only thing you need to do is lock the padlocks shown in attached.
  15. If it's the Landesk product and just using our engine, then you probably won't be able to upgrade so easily. You'll need wait for Landesk to answer your query and keep system watcher off until they find a solution.
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