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  1. sorry for the delayed answer (holiday) i will try to upgrade to the latest version in the current version i disabled the components "one by none" and only disabling the monitored port solved the problem
  2. Hi i attached the policy the file name is "tazrim.exe" and the folder is "amir cashflow" policy.klp
  3. I tried that it is not working how important is the monitored port to be enabled ?
  4. Hi I have in issue with kaspersky monitored ports when this option is enabled we have problems entering websites using apps that requiered internet connectivity Its happand in different organizations. When disabling each port form beeing monitored everything work the log is not showing anything is ok to disable this feature ? thanks
  5. thank you for replaying i attched 2 screen shots: 1. task settings 2. no updates the problem is not withe installling the 2 moduls that i worte above. the proplem is by not finding them at all. ther is no error in the task
  6. Hi, Usually when i install kaspersky security 10 for win server ( when i runt the task "Software Modules Update" it found 2 modules to update (patch a) critical_fix_anticryptor_4(kb12644) critical_fix_product_core_3(kb13017) In the last week on 2 separate domains this task is not finding anything and i have to install those update manually . (The option Copy and install critical software modules updates is enabled in Application update settings) Is there a problem ? Thanks
  7. Thank you for your reply so there is no use for Kaspersky endpoint security 10 (for file server) at all ??
  8. Hi, I tried to find on kaspersky site a guideline or a recommendation about which version of kasperky to install on windows server and i didn't find. As for now there are two options 1.Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server 2. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows (for file servers) what should i install on the following server for the server itself and not the rule instated on it (like mail sql etc ) file server terminal server exchange server sql server mixed server file+terminal,file+exchange etc.... thanks
  9. thanks for the reply Version: 10.3.407 I tried that but it asks to enter uninstallation command
  10. hello I have some client computer with Kaspersky internet security 2016 I'm install on this network Kaspersky security center + Kaspersky end point security 10 the installation failed on those machine that have kis 2016 installed is there a way to uninstall kis 2016 remotely thanks
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