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  1. Perhaps. However, I set up KPM and Safe Money first, so it might be controlling the URL. I had the bank URL in my "Favorites Bar", and now, even it is being redirected to IE when I click on it. The only step is to undo everything and start over....which is more than I want to do right now. I have a KPM extension working in IE (which was a real problem for a while), and I am still concerned about Microsoft discouraging use of IE (rather encouraging Edge) for security reasons. I hope Kaspersky will soon add Edge to its supported Safe Money Browsers, in the same way it did for IE and Google.
  2. When I do this, the URL still switches to IE. No matter if I launch the URL from KPM, Safe Money List, or type the URL in the Address Bar of Edge, it still switches to IE (and I have "Default" set in Safe Money.
  3. Berny, I have selected the "Default Browser" in Safe Money options, but what/where is the URL to ender into the address bar of the Edge browser? The Default Browser menu is an app selection, not a URL.
  4. Hey K-SNAFU, Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. I wish Kaspersky Labs were more upfront about the limitations. It would have saved me hours of frustration.
  5. I have been trying to get Safe Money to use Microsoft Edge for three days, and it still goes to IE. Now I know why. Is it possible to change the Windows Opsys to Edge? Also, the Kaspersky products are a little confusing, by title and what the difference is between them. What is the difference in Safe Money, Secure Connection and Internet Security? Do I need all of them, or does one replace the other, etc. Thanks for any educational response/material.
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