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  1. I have another installation, where I have just installed KSWS 11 and cannot access it at all from chrome or IE on the server 2012r2. Can I confirm web address for KSWS on server should be
  2. The backup failure has re-appeared since last week. I even paused Kaspersky on the server before attempting a backup. Ithink my original suggestion may help - the query is .. How do we make the efi partition an exception on Kaspersky KSWS 11?? I've been reading that the efi partition seems to be given a random letter after reboot, has anyone else found this? Disk manager on the server shows he efi partition with no drive letter, so I don't know how to make it an exception
  3. Hi Konstantin, Sorry for my late reply. I have upgraded to KSWS 11 on the server, the server is running version 11 endpoint security and we are still having the same 'lock' issues on UEFI partition and backup is failing. Is there a way to see if kaspersky is locking this partition? Is there a way to make this partition an exception for kaspersky? Thank you for any help and ideas UPDATE.. I rebooted this server overnight, before the backup was scheduled. The backup ran for the first time. It may be that you need to ensure that KSWS, all windows updates and ver 11 endpoint security are in place -and you've rebooted a few times before it all sorts out. If anything changes in my situation, I'll post it here.
  4. Hi Konstantin, I've upgraded the Kaspersky management tons on the server from 10, which was a programme, to 11 which is now only a web facility. I know this is off the initial topic as posted, but I can't find any user config information etc for Kaspersky security centre web service Thanks for any help
  5. If by KSWS you mean Kaspersky Security centre Web Service, I've just upgraded / installed to this and am struggling a bit. There's no info / usage links for Security centre 11 (which I think this is) on this page - https://support.kaspersky.com/#s_tab4 I can see that the new net agent is pushing out okay, so I think the console upgrade 10 to 11 has picked up the proxy settings. Where do I check the settings as I can't download the actual endpoint security 11? Thanks for any help and I'll post here next week regarding backups.
  6. Hi Nikolay, Thank you for any help Kaspersky Security Centre 10.4.343 on the server. This shows that running on both the server itself and the one virtual server running on that server.
  7. I've started to receive the same errors. One suggestion I saw from a PC user on a general search was to make exclusions in Kaspersky for these lock files, but I don't know what the location of the files will be on a 2012r2 server Does this seem like a reasonable suggestion?
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