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  1. Hi there WCG44, did you ever get a solution to this problem? I am facing this exact same issue now. I went to the effort of installing Kaspersky Free 2018 from the full package download so that my target machine wouldn't need to connect to the Internet before having antivirus software installed. Once it was working, I performed a full scan using the signatures that came with the installation package (dated November 2017). Then I connected to the Internet and updated the signatures and performed another full scan with the updated signatures. When this was complete, I then began the process of installing Windows Updates. After several reboots of the target machine as part of the Windows Update procedure, I got this error about "Failed to initialize Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher. Please try to reinstall it." I am currently running Microsoft .Net Framework v4.7.2 on the target machine. I have tried installing Kaspersky Free 2019 over the existing Kaspersky Free 2018 installation, but the problem with Microsoft .Net still persists. I have also run the GetSystemInfo tool on the target system, and the report can be found here. I have edited the file only in order to replace the end-user's real name with placeholder text, hence the warning about the report having been modified.
  2. Thank you for the reply Berny. However, a solution which provides a one-time virus scan is not a useful suggestion. Tell me, to your knowledge, how long does a Windows-based computer survive these days when first connected to the Internet, before becoming infected? When I was last involved with Windows-based systems (some 10 years ago now), that metric was measured in mere seconds. No doubt these days it is even worse. The target computer for this project unfortunately needs a Microsoft operating system, so it will need realtime protection, from the get-go. Thank you for the link, ANGEIDRAGON. I did see that link in the discussion above, and I suppose I could use that to download the 2018 version of Kaspersy Free, however, I was hoping to find the link to the 2019 version. I don't understand why this needs to be kept as such a secret.
  3. I have the same question as above. I tried the suggested solution, of "...ask for an offline 2019 installer to Kaspersky Support", but I was informed that in order to make such a request I would need to have purchased a product from Kaspersky first - the free version apparently does not allow me to make such a request of Kaspersky Support. How then do I obtain the full installation package of Kaspersky Free 2019 (without need for an Internet connection on the target computer) if I need to buy the full Kasperspy Antivirus package first in order to get support? This seems counterintuitive. Why not just provide a download link on your site, for those of us who actually want to scan our computers / have protection in place before we connect them to the Internet? Can you please just provide a link to the appropriate download file (and, preferably, an SHA256 hash for validation of the package as well, if possible). Thanks.
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