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  1. According to my Kaspersky history "SSL Connection with Invalid Certificate Detected" then "this certificate or the certificate chain is built on an untrusted root center" for Tomtom Mydrive Connect . No Chrome issues since 8009/ "bypass", as detailed above either.
  2. After applying the suggested exclusion for Chrome, My TomTom update which normally auto boots on PC start up came up with a similar error to the previous one (but not the same). I deleted the TomToM program as I don't use it anyway. Just thought this info may be useful to someone who is more tech savvy. Maybe it was using the same port 8009 (but with a different IP address) ??
  3. Almost put my PC in to get the WIFI connect checked. Only stumbled upon this thread by Googling (ironic) issues with Chrome. Have tried all non dodgy (refuse to use the inadequate workaround) suggestions. Thanks to all who have contributed BTW. I have started looking at Bitdefender. I am particularly angry because I have just resubscribed to Kaspersky and have 613 days remaining. I can't and won't put up with this for too much longer. I have not raised a fault as it would seem to be pointless going by the comments. This shouldn't be a big issue. I prefer Chrome as my default browser. What is particularly concerning is the lack of response/updates from Kaspersky. I would have expected a daily update in this forum, and an email informing of the issue.
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