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  1. That was pretty much exactly what I was thinking to do, I just wanted to proof of concept it first, or see if there was any caveat I was missing. Has this worked well for you guys? Our license actually runs out in June and we are shopping AV vendors. I actually like a lot of the functionality of KSC and was trying to see if it could be competitive to some of the Cloud hosted AV solutions, as far as capability for keeping an eye on all our machines.
  2. What if we used "klmover -address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" to point the computers to the external location? Or set up new clients and used the external IP? Is there anything wrong with opening up the port for direct access externally like that? If that is a problem, what is the appropriate way to allow external clients to connect up to Kaspersky Security Center?
  3. We are using Kaspersky Security Center 10. We have been looking at the best way to have remote laptop users still be able to phone home / update while on the go. I have come across the instructions for utilizing a connection gateway here: https://support.kaspersky.com/13756 My question is - is there any harm in just opening up port 13000 directly to the KSC server, without using a connection gateway? We do not utilize a DMZ here, so if we set up a connection gateway it would be on the same LAN the KSC server is on anyway, so why not directly connect to the KSC server? Please let me know if I need to clarify further what we are trying to do. Thanks.
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