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  1. That is not at all clear. The "workaround" they gave me works...see above. I have latest version of chrome and Kaspersky. I do not have Comcast on the computer. I note these things also. 1. Latest version of chrome and kaspersky work on MAC. No errors no workaround. No chromecast 2. Latesr version of Chrome and Kaspersky work on Windows 7 Home edition...No errors. No workarounds. No chromecast. 3. Only on Windows 10, Lastest Chrome , latest Kaspersky, and no chromcast do i see the issue. That's not to say Chromecast doesn't add to the problem. But it appears to be operating system/chrome related. The only difference here is the operating system with number 2 above...
  2. I stand corrected, this did MASK the problem successfully. Just make sure you select this Chrome app when performing the steps "Hello , Thank you for patiently waiting. Please also add port 8010 in addition to 8009: Afterwards open Kaspersky settings - protection - application control - manage applications; In the search field type "chrome"; Double click the Google Chrome application and go to "Exclusions" Tick the "Do not scan all traffic" and select "Do not scan encrypted traffic"; Tick on "Only for specified ports" - 8009, 8010; Click Save. Restart PC and check the problem reproduction."
  3. I got the same response to my ticket. This doesn't work! I also sent in more dumps to them. Would love to hear from Kaspersky in this thread for everyone on what is really being done or if they plan to do nothing. Last I heard my ticket, data etc was being passed to Tier II support.
  4. I have a friend that's on an older version of windows (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1)....but have the latest versions of chrome and kaspersky just like me...same everything except for windows. They are not seeing this problem.
  5. I have contacted support provided dumps etc. I did get a response to "work around" as has been described here....But it doesn't work. I then provided more info to them. No response. I haven't a clue if they are really working on this. It would be nice to get an official response in this forum to tell us what is going on. I've used Kaspersky for many many years . never had a persistent problem like this before
  6. again, these workarounds are not a "fix" I just tried the newest Chrome Beta version and the problem is still there. (Version 73.0.3683.39 (Official Build) beta (64-bit))
  7. The problem occurs after a reboot typically. Try rebooting and see if it's still clear. Your solution did not work for me. Nothing works that i've seen described in this forum, so far.
  8. I forgot to add that I see this Lock-up problem also on Kaspersky..."If" i don't immediate disconnect when the notification comes up and i let it set.
  9. Has Kaspersky looked at previous versions of Chrome? If i recall correctly, this didn't start happening until chrome updated.
  10. if you are referring to a full scan using Kaspersky, I tried this on multiple computers and it did not help.
  11. Not scanning ports is not a solution. Stop saying it's a "fix". It's nothing more than an out-of-site out-of-mind solution which leaves a security hole. Kaspersky are there any updates on this issue? It's becoming more widespread. I see on the chrome forums that Chrome says it's a Kaspersky issue now. mY TICKET NUMBER IS INC000010174467 i SENT REPORT
  12. I'm having the same issue when using chrome for the past many days. Very frustrating. Shutting off scanning or blocking scanning of a particular related port is not an acceptable solution in my view. it "covers up" the real problem. I am not using chromecast... this is on my computer. It seems to have started when my license key updated. recently
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