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  1. A screen shot of the scan? It didn’t say anything other than no threats detected? Also so the trusged group things will still be scanned? Even though they are trusted? So I have nothing to worry about with the scan coming back clear? thanks for all the help!
  2. If I didn’t uncheck the ‘application added to trusted group’ would everything in those trusted groups be scanned in the full scan or not?
  3. i Am unable to do that as I am currently on the forum on my phone, I am wary of using my laptop under the circumstances also where is the system tray?
  4. I also have some detailed reports that say suspicious activity blocked from internet explorer- it doesn’t go into further detail and I had nothing pop up regarding this - I don’t even use this I use chrome not sure if this is related
  5. Do you think there is much need to uncheck this then? And about the Hermes thing-I have nothing regarding that on my laptop, I can’t post a screenshot but there’s a few that end like Hermesgoal5.cmd and other numbers, along with Hermes target, I googled it and it said a lot about Ransomware but I thought surely Kaspersky would have warned me? One does mention the didgital signature thing though thanks for all your help!
  6. How do I change it in the settings? And what does digitally signed mean? Im waiting on the full scan but it is saying about 7 hours remaining!
  7. Recently I have noticed something I haven’t seen before In detailed reports, it says ‘application added to the trusted group’ when I have gone on the exclusions and threats under settings there is nothing listed there? I haven’t added anything to a trusted group? Does Kaspersky do this automatically? Also the application contain the words hermes I have googled this and lots of things are coming up about Ransomware? Has my computer been affected? If so how has Kaspersky not stopped this? I am in in the process of doing a full scan on my laptop however is taking a long time can anyone help as I am extremely worried!!
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