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  1. Your suggestion worked and, despite the work on doing the rules this way, activate/deactivate is quite simple. Thank you so much for the tip. to enable/disable all, I can select them all (shift click) and right button to disable them. Tested and worked
  2. Thank you for answering I play on 2 different accounts in two different regions, thats why I have to enable/disable the rules constantly. In the windows firewall, I just click one button and voila, the rule is up/down allowing me to chose where I will play in less than 10s. The solution you showed solves part of the problem, but will require me to create 13 rules, one for each set of IPs. I will try it even so, after the rules are created 13 clicks are ok, i guess I rather have K-suite fully functional Thanks again and I will reply here if the solution works
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a licence of the K-suite for my home and I am facing some trouble setting the Firewall up. To force my game to enter in a different region in the globe I use a rule in Windows firewall to block a number of IP ranges in order to prevent my game from joining any local servers therefore it will seek the nearest server, in another region. I tried to make a couple of rules for testing but there is no way to place a range of ips directly in the field of the rule and with some research I was able to change this (invalid) into this (valid). The next issue, after I placed a couple of rules (there should be a total of13) is that the k-firewall does not appear to have an easy on/off switch to the rule. So, as far as I went, I would have to create and then delete the rules (all 13). The first question then is: Is there an easy way to do this? One rule to rule them all? And the second is: IF there are not, by turning off the k-firewall enables the windows firewall automaticaly or should I perform certain tasks in order to change from one to the other? thank you
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