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  1. Hi, regarding the quick virus scan in tasks Lets say i schedule 12pm on Monday but the computer is not in. Then the task will not run, so if click on "Run missed tasks" means next time computer is available then it will run right? Will the scan slow down computer? Is there an option if the scan slows down the computer, can the user close the scan ? Does it run on background ? or will any interface pop up during scan ? Run mode - Scan when the compter is idling...... So if scheduled to run at 12 pm but the computer is in use and not idling, means task wont run? Thank you,
  2. Sorry i do not understand what is Encryption module. Does this mean when the user boot up his computer, it will ask for some kind of password/ encryption key ?
  3. Whats the difference KSE11, KES11 Strong encryption and KES11 Light Encryption? Why KES 11 is plugib (Update for installed plugin) ?
  4. Hi, currently i am testing to install KES11 to customers computer. Right now we are testing it in our own office, in our office in Remote Installation Packages(KSC10) - There is KES11. The KSC10 in our office is version 10.5.1781. If i am to go to the customer's place then there is no KES11 but KES10 in their server, what do i need to do ? I manually download KES 11 and create installation package via their server? Thanks
  5. Hi, Just wanna ask if using KSC 10 means for your client side will be KES 10? Can i use 11? If able to, how do i do it ?
  6. Hi KSC Version 10.4.343. I created a installation package for local install Kaspersky Endpoint Security via my thumbdrive. I created a standalone installation package which includes network agent. It was installed successfully but next day onwards, the user called me up saying the following: The Win 10 machines will hang/freeze on the sign in page and one there was a message saying windows is not responding. Win 7 have no issues. Please assist thanks.
  7. Hi, recently i installed KES10 on a few computers. I did that by creating an installation package from KSC10. Then i manually installed on comps via thumbdrive. Next day the guy called me saying his Win 10 comps cant start up and just a black screen. He went to uninstalled KES10 and then it was fine. What could be the issue? Thank you
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