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  1. Thanks but that's what I did on Windows and that screen doesn't seem to exist on the macOS version. The interfaces look somewhat similar but there is no "Settings" tab (the gear wheel on the left panel) on the macOS version, settings are in App menu > Preferences and there is not a lot of it and definitely nothing about the synchronization feature. That's what I was afraid of. How would it work with a different account? Wouldn't the data just synchronize with that account instead? My goal is to not have any password stored outside my devices anymore (company policy). I may as well do it directly on my.kaspersky.com if I have to delete passwords one by one (unless there's a hacky way to locally delete the whole store and then sync ?). But I'm still stuck if I can't deactivate the synchronization on all devices since I won't be able to continue using the local app on those devices without it synchronizing with the cloud. It's a shame there's no feature to handle a "no cloud storage" policy. A colleague uses Dashlane, when he deactivated the cloud sync on his laptop, it automatically deactivated the sync on all his devices and deleted the cloud storage (after a clear warning). I expected KPM to behave more or less the same way or at least allow the users to do it manually. Thank you all for your reply but since my license expires in a few months, I may as well switch to a different password manager more suited to my needs.
  2. Hi, It may be a stupid question but I didn't find a way to do it. I used KPM intensively in a lot of devices (Windows, macOS, iOS), but now I would like to disable the online sync and only rely on the locally stored password vaults. I successfully disabled KPM sync on Windows but can't find a way to do it on the macOS or iOS version. I connected to my.kaspersky.com, found my password vault but didn't find a way to delete it. Two questions: How to disable password sync on macOS and iOS or globally? How to delete the password vault stored on Kaspersky server (and accessible from my.kaspersky.com) ? I have gone through the documentation, FAQ, and forums but didn't find anything useful. I'm running the latest versions of KPM on up-to-date OS (Windows 10, macOS 10.14, iOS 12) Has anyone an idea about this? Thanks for your help.
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