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  1. Thank you for the update ! It is still difficult to understand that this type of bug is not being taken care of rapidly...
  2. Thanks for this input ! I decided to move to OpenVPN since Microsoft is moving away from Direct Access. I had to do some .bat script with windows scheduler to get the same behavior (launch and connect automatically, pain in the butt to get the system tray working properly) but it works quite well :)
  3. Sorry for the delay... Here is GSI report -> https://steel-pc.lu/temp/GSI6.zip. Right now the Direct access will not connect at all.
  4. If I deactivate KES it still doesn't work. If I uninstall KES and reboot everything works, no more drops ...
  5. Hello, We have been running a Direct Access server for a couple years without problems. We switch to Kaspersky Endpoint Select a few months ago and since then Direct Access users can barely access local ressources. The connexion to the Direct Access is OK and I see the clients but they cannot use rdp (or it connects then stops), printers ("unable to print, an error occured during print")... EDIT : Clients are on latest Windows 10, Direct Access server on Windows 2016 Server, Kaspersky Endpoint Select I tried to : disable Kaspersky AV disable scan port 443 add %SystemRoot%/system32/svchost.exe to trusted application and check do not scan trafic Any help will be appreciated. I would like to stick with direct access
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