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  1. As soon as I set the secure connection to the USA the connection drops and blocks all connections to Kaspersky, Singapore works fine, however, the USA VPN is most valuable, and required for some connections. How can I fix this...for the longest time could not pay for a secure connection, today it worked for the first time in a month...the license I purchased for Internet Security in March, went down with a crashed computer through hacking, have not been able to get it reactivated since May by unacknowledged support requests. I have less than 2 months remaining and am constantly getting hacked, Spying is perpetual via Microsoft Management Console, ISO and telemetry trusted agents approved by the hacker after he took over Windows Defender, now says Settings controlled by your IT department , no such IT exists...today a phishing encryption key save popup showed the certificates were all phony, after I had entered the backup encryption, immediately after I changed the settings to inform of any software installations from no notification...although these appear to be distinct issues they are all related to the botnet, where the C drive is permanently owned by Trustedinstaller, the hacker's alias batch file management of the botnet and permissions cannot be changed by owner rights, what more, Ccleaner shows they are embedded. Attempts to change results in an error. Last year 7 reimages always returned with the same hacker ownership, which blurs the distinction between system files and Botnet controlled from the kernel. This marks 14 years of spying to target hacking on all areas of my life. The FBI is hacked notes regarding me describe me as delusional and demented were written by the hacker, to undermine interactions with not too smart agents who proceed to have me make endless police reports that are never read ..ICe does not issue a case number for me, instead, it immediately expunges my report.
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