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  1. My issue has been resolved. I requested technical support from Kaspersky, received a case number and the following recommendation: Open Kaspersky. Click on the gear icon in the lower left (settings). Click on Additional on the left. Click on Network on the right. Under 'Encrypted connections scanning' there is an option that says 'On errors during encrypted connections scan:' followed by a drop-down menu. Click the drop down menu and select 'Ignore' from the menu. **Note: All this does is stop the pop-up from appearing. The product will now automatically terminate the connection to the website or application where the error occurred. If the issue persists, kindly follow the steps below for you to connect to our Remote Access team for us to gather GSI reports. Kindly follow the steps below for you to connect to our remote access team. 1.) Open a browser and access: kas.pr/cfr and enter your name. 2.) As soon as you accept the remote access connection, you will receive a message explaining the End-User License Agreement (EULA). 3.) Accept the End User License Agreement. 4.) Run the software. Click “Run”. I already had "Ignore" in the drop down menu as mentioned above. So I went to the remote access line as describe above. The technician made a change the "Threats and exclusions". (Open Kaspersky and chose: settings - additional - Threats and exclusions - Specify trusted applications - Add. He added Added C:\program files (X86)\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe. Under Exclusions for the application he checked "Do not scan all traffic", "Only for specified addresses", and "Only for specified ports". The specified address in my case was for my stereo receiver(???) and the specified ports were 8008-8009. He also checked "Active" on the same page. All this was done (silently) by remote on a chat line so I was not quick enough to inquire as to why he chose those specific exclusions.
  2. Why would Google Chrome not have an authentic certificate? This pop-up is driving me crazy. I refuse to chose "Do not scan encrypted connections" option and reduce my protection. There MUST be a solution to this headache. I am using Kaspersky Total Security version with Windows 10 up-to-date as of Feb 9, 2019.
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