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  1. Thank you! Albeit i have a doubt, which i have expressed to you via PM.
  2. Thank you. Still no reply from customer service, i´m getting a bit desperate.
  3. Doesn´t anybody on this forum have the offline installer of the Euro Region from a previous contact with support? I just cannot wait for much longer for support to answer, i have University Projects to start that imply searching much in the web and without an AV, i really cannot be safe. I would not be spamming this forums if it was not very very urgent.
  4. Do you have the full installer? Getting tired of waiting for an response about something that should be readly available as it previously was. Specially when i need to be starting University Projects and i´m not because i need to search a lot of stuff and without an AV, i just do not feel safe. If yes, please PM me.
  5. Did that before i went to sleep last night, still waiting for a reply. I hope they reply today, it´s urgent i solve this. I have University projects to do and i don´t really feel safe surfing the web without an AV.
  6. Thanks for the help, but i did find those links earlier but they only give me the 2MB installer which i already have and can´t seem to install the program with. I´m also a Euro Region user.
  7. It´s been like 3 days since i been trying to install the 2019 version via the 2MB installer but it always fails to connect to the server. I´ve searched all over the places where i used to previous find the full installers and to my amusement there aren´t even full installers available anymore it seems like. Could please someone PM the full installer of the KTS version or something like that? Don´t even have the patience to contact support for something that should readly available for users as it previously was for many many years. Much thanks.
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