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  1. Okay. There were no detects, and the "details" screen does work when only the system volume was scanned, so I assume there are no threats. When Kaspersy Total Security does a full scan (or any scan), at the end of the scan the screen shows a message "No Threats Detected" to affirm that fact. I figured the Rescue Disk scan would do the same. Thanks for your help.
  2. Well, I used the file quoted above, and using Rufus, created a USB drive. I booted from the USB and ran a scan of all volumes. The scan ran for nearly 4 hours. No messages or warnings appeared, it simply ended. When I look at the "report" is just says the times Scan began, and Scan Ended. When I click on "details" I once again get a screen that says No Enough Memory. The USB has 8 gig of memory, and RAM 3 gig, which seems like it should be enough for almost anything, no? I guess my concern is, How do I know the computer is not infected? The scan did not say, No Problems Found, or No Files Were Infected. It says nothing about results except No Enough Memory. i.e., how can I tell whether the scan succeeded and found no viruses, or whether instead there were viruses that have corrupted the way KRD works and are hiding the real results?
  3. So how can I know whether the hard-drive is infected? Will there be some other warning rather than the scan log? Or shall I scan portions of the hard drive to reduce the size of the scan log? Or perhaps should I run Kaspersky Rescue in text mode rather than graphical? I have done Rescue Disk scans on this computer, with previous versions of Kaspersky Rescue, without this problem occurring, so it seems strange that it would not work now with ver. 18..
  4. I downloaded the file krd.iso from Kaspersky and burned a CD rescue disk. No problems with the computer, I just wanted to have a recent copy, and I tried it out to make sure it worked. (I've been running KTS for 6 years on my PC and it's been great.) Booting from the CD, I first ran a scan of the system volume, it finished properly and showed no threats. Then I ran a scan of the entire hard-drive, (long process, took overnight). Upon completion, the details screen showed a message, "No enough memory." [bad English grammar... but that's what it said] My laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A-215 S4747, has 3 gigabytes of RAM, running Windows 7 Ultimate at 1.8 GHz. The harddrive is 296 gigabytes, 148 free. Should be enough room for a detailed scan report, no? When I tried to shut down the Rescue program, after several lines of text scrolled by, a series of errors showed up and the computer halted, frozen. I did a hard boot with the power button and Windows started with seemingly no problems. I looked for a hash code for the iso file, to make sure the software is legit, but can't find one on K's website. Any ideas?
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