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  1. People need to be aware of the workaround's risk. A security issue was identified only last month: https://gizmodo.com/dual-upnp-chromecast-exploit-allows-hacker-to-hijack-de-1831446345 . Please ensure you understand what Kaspersky are recommending.
  2. Your message Feb 14 2019, 10:32:53 AM A prompt for accepting self-signed SSL certificates appears when Chrome is utilized. See the thread here: . As requested, a log including a restart is attached. Additional clients'' logs will be provided on request. Support response Feb 14 2019, 9:18:44 PM I do apologize if you are getting a "Cannot guarantee authenticity" message and thank you for sending us the logs. There's nothing to worry, I'll do my best to help you out. Please clarify, does the message appears after starting Google Chrome or if Google Chrome is used as a Chromecast device for a separate TV streaming device or a Smart TV that with native support of Chromecast? I will wait for your response. Thank you and have a nice day! Your message Feb 16 2019, 11:17:02 AM My user name is XsiliconX. As the thread states, Chromecast is not involved. The messages appear when opening Chrome. Support response Feb 18 2019, 7:01:52 AM I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for letting us know about this concern. Thank you for the response. Kindly follow the steps below. Open Kaspersky. Click on the gear icon in the lower left. Click on Additional on the left. Click on Network on the right. Under 'Encrypted connections scanning' there is an option that says 'On errors during encrypted connections scan:' followed by a drop-down menu. Click the drop down menu and select 'Ignore' from the menu. **Note: All this does is stop the pop-up from appearing. The product will now automatically terminate the connection to the website or application where the error occurred. If issue persists after doing the steps. Kindly connect to our Remote Access Team for us to gather GSI Reports. Kindly follow the steps below for you to connect to our remote access team. 1.) Open a browser and access: kas.pr/cfr and enter your name. 2.) As soon as you accept the remote access connection, you will receive a message explaining the End-User License Agreement (EULA). 3.) Accept the End User License Agreement. 4.) Run the software. Click “Run”. Thank you and have a great day.
  3. 1. The issues occurs on households without Chromecast. It occurs when a system does not have usage and error reporting enabled. 2. The issue may be gone UNTIL RESTART. Restart your computer (NOT SHUTDOWN as it behaves differently on Win8/10) and open Chrome to identify if the issue is corrected. 3. See 1 and 2, AKA problem occurs WITHOUT CHROMECAST OR ERROR REPORTING.
  4. A) Not a fix, a workaround. Some have no Chromecast. C) That compromises security (from Jan-09-2019): https://gizmodo.com/dual-upnp-chromecast-exploit-allows-hacker-to-hijack-de-1831446345 . D) Etcetera: https://www.speedguide.net/port.php?port=8009
  5. At what logging level should the traces be completed? Repeatedly merging the threads has broken users' subscriptions. Please send a notification for each merge if you intend to continue. Thank you.
  6. Traces sent @Igor Kurzin. If you need more, I will contact another client. Please notify me. Thank you.
  7. Yes. This particular forum is for Antivirus Free and Internet Security only. This affects all Kaspersky consumer products. My affected system is Total Security 2019. If this workaround is recommended it needs to be relayed with the knowledge it removes a part of the security system. The suggestion stops scanning all SSL/etc. traffic from the internet. People won't understand the implication. Internet communication only occurs on a few ports. Because it is 8009 doesn't mean 8000+ other ports exist. That port is all Chrome internet traffic that is encrypted. Facebook, your bank/investing sites, purchasing on Amazon or anywhere, bills you pay, or anything else with a lock aside the address. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Off topic, when trying to reply to private messages on this forum, every time the reply box is clicked and the I-bar appears, the page reloads. The behavior is present on Firefox and Chrome. Pressing escape repeatedly stops the reload for a few seconds. Presumably a reply cannot be completed without taping down the escape key while typing the reply and then clicking to send the reply with precision timing.
  8. Note the two certificates for which I experience a problem are 01/29/19-02/02/19. They were valid during the fault. They did not have a name aside what was previously given (a hexadecimal address).
  9. Some official Kaspersky recognition would do worlds in helping their customers and resellers to continue supporting the products.
  10. I have Google Backup and Sync installed. I previously had photos backing up. It is no longer logged in. Google BnS installed Docs, Slides and other Chrome extensions. Disabling or removing them may have made a difference. Further testing to follow.
  11. CN = bc94380f-6b92-8bc0-7abe-c9efa265debc and CN = ebbe0d48-97b9-8205-4ab6-298c8f207160 Certificate error: Self-signed certificate Application: Google Chrome Over and over beginning on 01/30/2019
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