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  1. Im not looking at events, im just watching my temp grows every minute with those kind of logs i just posted.
  2. Hello, Im having a problem with the trace logs, basically i have the option for trace logs disabled and i still getting the reports generated, im leaving you some images about the issue: I really need quick help with this, because the server is the Support center for the company, and im having a los of errors because of the size of the Temp folder. Thanks.
  3. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    Where should i do that?
  4. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    None, its Anonymous
  5. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    Allready sended to the KLCentralSupport Account.
  6. givethisWave

    Kaspersky Endpoint 10 sp 2 blocking microphone

    Here you have the Policy export: Policy.klp
  7. Hi, Im having a problem which is that KES 10 SP 2 is making my mic into Exclusive Mode, and i dont know where can i uncheck the option for the AV to make the microphone enter Exclusive Mode: Can you tell me where should i configure this option so i can toggle it off?
  8. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    im trying to setup the daily reports via Email but when i do, it fails and im using the correct info of the SMTP, i have tried to use the relay smtp also, but it doesnt work. I did what the KB that your partner gave me but i keep getting the same error.
  9. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    It doesnt have to be encrypted it has to be anon.
  10. givethisWave

    Configure reporting Via Mail

    Im getting this error: And im using the correct SMTP like xxx.domain but i keep getting this error. Also im leaving the ESTM Auth option off:
  11. givethisWave

    probleme de connexion SVM

    I just used google translater but hope it helps: Vous devez déployer les SVM dans votre environnement virtuel, que ce soit VMware Vcenter, hyper-v, etc. Dans votre KSC 10, accédez à Serveur d'administration> Gérer Kaspersky Security pour Agents de virtualisation 4.0> Déployer SVM, puis suivez les étapes et, une fois que le SVM est installé sur votre hyperviseur, attribuez-lui une tâche aux agents de réseau. I had the same issue days ago.
  12. I want to configure the reporting on my KSC 10 to recieve reports to my mailbox. Is there any kb that can help me on this or something? Here you have my version status
  13. givethisWave

    Cant Activate Light Agent 4.0

    Any help on this? I allready have my SVMS working, connected with the devices but my endpoints still saying that i have NO KEY: I really need help on this.
  14. givethisWave

    Installing an SVM

    This image is the one that im looking for?: https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/multilanguage/administrationkit/ksv_la/svm.image_vmware_4.0.46.8060.zip Im in a vmware infra so im guessing this is the one
  15. givethisWave

    Installing an SVM

    right now i did it. Now im with the image file selection: What should i choose? Cheers.

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