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  1. That's what I'm trying to tell you - my Windows install isn't being used in a VM but Windows reports that it is. I'm supposed to be running Windows bare metal but that's not what Windows reports.
  2. I've used MalwareBytes before and it never detected anything. As of now, KSC is reporting everything running unless I enable virtualization in UEFI, then it crashes whenever KSC attempts to load up just like KIS. Also, I've had KIS popups telling me it detected and disinfected something but nothing shows up in the logs. It'll tell me to reboot but the logs will end up empty. I've also had Windows bootloaders show up and disappear in UEFI, i.e. an extra bootloader might appear one day and disappear the next. My bet is there's a rather sophisticated rootkit installed on my box that can defeat KIS/KSC and other security software. The most telling part is Windows reporting that I'm running in a VM when this is a bare-metal Win10 installation when I enable virtualization without KIS/KSC.
  3. Hi, I recently was using the trial version of KIS 2019 and switched to KSC Free and the software crashes my system whenever I have hardware virtualization enabled - no bluescreen, it goes straight to a system reboot and reboots again at Windows login as KIS loads up. I've also had 'mysterious' issues with KIS disabling itself and restarting every now and then while notifications pop up telling me to turn on AV. A reboot might fix this. Finally, when I do have hardware virtualization enabled without KIS or KSC, under System Information for hardware virtualization support, it states "A hypervisor has been detected. Features required for Hyper-V will not be displayed." I believe I have some kind of rootkit installed that's able to defeat KIS/KSC while remaining fairly undetectable.
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