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  1. Thanks Shield. I think that you might be right. Cheers, Eddy OK I assume that my original install key will work. I really appreciate your help.
  2. OK.....Bridge works now. I think that I agree that only removal and reinstallation might work. Should the normal updates not update the version as well as the data files? I pay good money for this software......Every year !
  3. I ran GSI and now even the bridge does not work. I now have no internet at all on my laptop. Only my cell phone will connect.
  4. Would it not be better if version updates were downloaded automatically with other updates? I cannot do it manually. It downloads but does not install. Pleeeeeeeeeeze help.
  5. I downloaded the file, and installed it (but nothing happened) Nothing on https://support.kaspersky.com/11827#block2 is clickable. Totally unresponsive. No indication of an update actually taking place. Rebooted. I still have version 18.
  6. Where do I find the version number? I have looked everywhere. KTS ??? Hey...I am not a tekky. Sorry FOUND IT. (j)
  7. It says "Kaspersky Total Security" Version "full" I appreciate your help.
  8. Cannot log into internet on Caribbean Princess. My cellphone can log in and I have set up a Bridge to get internet use on my laptop (HP). (Weird eh?) When I try to connect directly, it looks like it is connected, but it is not. Every attempt returns "This site cannot be reached. The connection was reset." The tech aboard advised that this is a problem with Kaspersky. Any suggestions?
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