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  1. It's been a couple of months since my last post here so I'm going to share my experiences. What I want is a hard limit on gaming, web browsing and Youtube but otherwise free access to the phone. I've done this through per app time limits. I make my son choose one primary game which he gets to play for 20 minutes and X number of secondary games which he gets to play 5 minutes each. Chrome and Youtube Kids is also set to 5 minutes. This way the total game time is around 60 mins. The problem is that this setup is driving me nuts! More specifically I'm having to cope with the following use cases: Getting a call while in a meeting at work where he explains that friend X is coming over and he wants to transfer all game time from game X to game Y (reduce game time of X and increase game time of Y) Getting a call while driving home from work where he explains that he would like to uninstall couple of games and install new ones (juggle through 7 days in the app and set game time individually for each day) Checking the app usage through Google Family Link before changing the per app limits to check if he is trying to cheat (ie. using all game time of a game X and then calling me to transfer the game time to another game, usually succeeds because Google Family Link app usage is not real-time) Spending 45 minutes every Sunday evening juggling through the per app limits and resetting the situation Needless to say I'm actively looking for alternatives. F-Secure Safe has a feature where they allow assigning apps to a single Time Limited category. The problem is that their "Safe" browser replaces phone default browser but still allows Youtube access with no way to blacklist / whitelist sites and no way to disable the browser.
  2. Can I change the Android app language? My child does not understand English.
  3. I cannot begin to describe my frustration when I found about this limitation. I want to have a hard limit on gaming (and perhaps browser usage) and soft limit on everything else. I don't mind my child using Whatsapp to communicate with his friend or listening to Spotify. This is literally the most basic thing that I as a parent want and I cannot see how this was overlooked by the designers. I know that I can set per game limits but this forces me to micro-manage the time limits. The number of games he has on his phone as well as the favorite game fluctuates so rapidly that it's impossible to keep up. I cannot set per game limit to 10 minutes (to keep him under ~ 100 minutes) and I cannot set it up higher either because that would essentially give him unlimited gaming. Please fix this.
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