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  1. i would also like a step by step guide on this one, it would be very appreciated. Thanks Martin.
  2. Holian, have you had any success with a solution? Thanks Martin.
  3. edpckfc i presume this is on new devices on ios 12 being inducted? have you any success with existing device inducted before upgrading to ios 12? i just checked and our client root cert is 1024bits also. Thanks Martin.
  4. For us reverting back to a previous iOS version is problematic as a lot of these devices are personal devices, also i know the signing window is still open at the moment but obviously that will close soon. Thanks Martin.
  5. No News, i keep checking here https://www.kaspersky.co.uk/small-to-medium-business-security/downloads/mobile for a new release and any details but nothing yet. Whats concerning me is that i couldn't get and answer if it was being worked on by Kaspersky from support, so i'm faced with do i wait and see if they release a fix / update or do i go elsewhere. from your log i do think it's the same error we are seeing, however we dont use apple configurator we just email the link to the profile and install over the air. If you hear anything let me know and i'll do the same. Thanks Martin.
  6. @holian https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/12419 @holian sorry accidental posted before writing some more, have you tried debugging on xcode to see what the error is, i'd be interested to see if its the same as what i'm seeing.
  7. Thanks for helping on this one, Yes I've tried that one also there is nothing displayed in that section on the phone as it doesn't get to install the certificate. Thanks Martin.
  8. Yes those settings are all correct, it gets all the way t the install stage in IOS and its after you press trust you get the failed to install message. to me it seems like somethings changed in iOS12 relating to certificate trust, possibly even to do with the certificate key length only being 1024 bits that kaspersky generates might be an issue. but thats just a guess. Thanks Martin.
  9. We have some iOS devices with iOS 12 and they dont work with the kaspersky mdm (KES), When trying to induct a new device the profile fails to install and after debugging with xcode it would appear its related to certificates (intermediates), ios devices on 11.4 and below work fine. Also existing devices upgraded to iOS12 have the profile installed but fail to respond to commands. Where up to date running the latest versions of all the KES, MDM Server Etc. I've emailed support but they didn't seem to know if iOS12 will be supported by MDM in KES, or if its being worked on. Oddly the documents below make some hints of iOS 12 for some components just not specifically MDM, Given the Beta for iOS12 has been out since June i'm surprised its not supported. Anyone else experiencing the same issues or know if this is going to get fixed? We have a high number of iOS devices and given that the iOS software model forces you to upgrade as security vulnerabilities are only fixed in the latest version this seems like a bit of a problem. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/endpoints/ksmobile10/ https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/endpoints/ksmobile10/
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