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  1. I thought my login was my email, but it's my name. Now it's working (even with foreign characters). Thank you.
  2. I'm already with the patch (c) and this problem seems to be solved. However, even with "Inject script" option unmarked, navigation is ABSURDLY SLOW. Many pages take up to 2 minutes to load! But disabling KIS 2019, navigation works perfectly! What is wrong?
  3. Today I'm receiving constantly a lot warnings like this: 01.10.2018 11.17.56;Dangerous URL blocked;http://glotorrents.pw/announce?info_hash=,%96s%ee%d8%ff%e2%89~%de%f1wj%fdo%b4%91%b1B%b3&peer_id=-UT354S-X%ae%07'%eb%8f%d1%9e(\%b4%3f&port=22717&uploaded=5505024&downloaded=0&left=0&corrupt=0&key=AAA9ECE8&event=started&numwant=200&compact=1&no_peer_id=1;http://glotorrents.pw/announce?info_hash=,%96s%ee%d8%ff%e2%89~%de%f1wj%fdo%b4%91%b1B%b3&peer_id=-UT354S-X%ae%07'%eb%8f%d1%9e(\%b4%3f&port=22717&uploaded=5505024&downloaded=0&left=0&corrupt=0&key=AAA9ECE8&event=started&numwant=200&compact=1&no_peer_id=1;URL;URL listed in database of malicious URLs;µTorrent;10/01/2018 11:17:56 What is wrong?
  4. Every time I want to login to this forum, I get an error telling me that my login is incorrect. So I get the e-mail to reset my password, I create a new one and I got to log in. But the next day, the same happens. What is wrong?
  5. As you can see in attached images, even with those 2 options disable, also with Kaspersky web extension DELETED, even KIS pause, even rebooting my PC Windows 10 x64, when I try to access Gmail (with Chrome), it stucks with this "waiting for gc.kis.scr.kaspersky-labs.com". Only when I completely exit KIS that I can access this page. Also many pages are extremely slow. What's wrong?
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