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  1. Ah, that did the trick. What a difference a good cleaning makes! Thank you! Also thanks for Indio for trying to help.
  2. I'm not entirely sure we are talking about the same thing. My problem is with the following application list (I just grabbed some image on the Internet): My problem with is that the list is loaded with programs that have been uninstalled or executables that have only been run once (like installers). I was trying to manage my applications ruleset, but the list is full of useless entries. I was just wondering if there was a way to clean this list of nonexistent executables. I use Windows 10 and Kaspersky Internet Security (can't find the version, sorry, but it usually updates itself so version should be the latest)
  3. Hello there, Sorry for the trivial question, but it's kind of clunky to search for this. My problem is that I have a mass of programs that have been uninstalled on my firewall application rule list (for example). It's just a mess to work with it. Is there any way to purge this list of uninstalled programs? Thanks!
  4. Found the problem. It wasn't Kaspersky at all. The culprit was Killer Ethernet driver. Disabling it "advanced stream detection" fixed my problem. Sorry about that, but perhaps this will help someone out there.
  5. Firefox, however even if I grab the link and download it through some third party software, like JDownloader, the problem continues. Using another browser, like Chrome, also does nothing to fix it.
  6. Hello there, So, Mega (Mega.nz), something like 1 or 2 months ago, started to behave in a very weird way. Out of the blue, it became almost unusable for me, with useless downloads speeds. The following is the behavior of the downloads: for a couple of seconds it goes at a decent speed, then slows to a crawl (mostly stopping completely), then, several seconds after, it will gasp for air, with the download rising from anywhere between 100kb/s to full speed, and then it will drop dead in the same way as before. This cycle continues repeating itself throughout the download. This happens not only in the browser, but on MegaSync and JDownloader. Also, I'm using cabled networking, and everywhere else speeds are fine. Initially I thought this was a bandwidth throttling issue, but I just tested Mega on my Linux notebook and it not only is stable, but also very fast. So, it isn't a network issue, nor a throttling issue, nor a Mega issue. The only causes I can think of are 1) My firewall (Kaspersky Internet Security), and 2) Some obscure Windows problem. Could someone offer me some advice on this matter? I tried to disable some cryptography checks at the Network Settings, but it didn't work. Any advice would be welcome! Thanks!
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