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  1. Hello, I opened an incident: INC000009720022 and with the help on Kaspersky's support engineers and developers we found what was the problem. When my company passed to Windows 10 on all our hosts on Windows updates settings we set as following: -feature updates be installed on 60 days -quality updates be installed 15 days -moved on Semi Annual Channel Those settings were the cause of the error 0x80072EE2 so changed tough GPO the following registery keys as following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\DeferFeatureUpdatesPeriodInDays = 0 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\DeferQualityUpdatesPeriodInDays = 0 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\BranchReadinessLevel = 16 and that's it, now we are able to see and install Windows updates tough KSC WSUS. Thanks for your support. I think this can be marked as solved.
  2. Ok then, but I think that the problem isn't these tasks. It seems to be between Kaspersky Network agent and Windows Updater agent, because if I search updates from a workstation using: It founds updates and will install them, and I can see it if I run the "Find vulnerabilities and required updates" showing installed updates after on that machine this is from KSC this from workstation Now I know that Micorosoft released October security patches but if I check updates using the task no updates are found and the task ends with that warning in the first post. Also if i check between software updates in advanced options I can see those updates as available The question is, why on this workstation using the task to search updates and vulnerabilities gives me that error and no Windows Updates? How does it works, I think that should search updates from WSUS that is the administration server it self, what configurations I missed? Please help!
  3. I'am having workstations only with Windows 10 Pro 1709 and 1803 as SO. There are so many versions, which of them do you think I should use, I'm interested only in Windows Updates, no drivers and other testing things.
  4. "Download updates to the repository" runs every 3 hours: "Perform Windows update synchronization" runs once at day at midnight:
  5. Hi Evgeny_E I've send the link also to @KLCentralSupport. KSC is connecting directly to internet without PROXY. I'am using the Administration Server as WSUS server, Windows Update search mode is set to Active. The Find vulnerabilities and required update task is set to use data from Windows Update service connecting to update server and also from Kaspersky Lab as you can see on attachment files.
  6. I have sent a private message to you containing a link where you can download the new GSI Reports. And here you have also a screen with the error that reoccurs. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Ok, Thanks for that info, that HDD have been changed. So now we can continue.
  8. I have sent a private message to you containing a link where you can download the GSI Reports. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello, I'm having this error every time I use the task to find vulnerabilities and required updates with the option "Connect to updates server to update data". This means that I don't see the Windows Updates and so no vulnerabilities related to them to fix. I can see Windows Updates only if I run check for updates manually from Windows on each workstation. I'am using the Administration Server as WSUS server, if this can help. KSC 10 version: 10.5.1781 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Network Agent version: KES 11 version : on Windows 10 Thanks in advance!
  10. Yes, that's right. I uninstalled that two modules FLE and FDE on an affected host and that solved the issue. It should be a warning somewhere to inform that if you use a module to not install the other ones. Thanks for your help Evgeny_E!
  11. Hi Nikolay, See Full memory dump here, it is from another host with the same problem, same BSOD. Hope will help. Thank you!
  12. Hi Nikolay, See GSI Reports here Thanks for your help!
  13. Hello, I know that BitLocker is from MS but i think is not related to encryption itself. If I disable and after enable the encryption from Windows, the blue screen doesn't come out anymore at boot time, after shutdown.
  14. Hello, After I have successfully encrypted using BitLocker Drive Encryption technology trough policy profile in Kaspersky Security Center, every time i shutdown I'm having this annoying blue screen. After restarting automatically windows it boots and all it is fine, also when restart is all right, the problem appears only when shutdown. Stop code: 0x0bad1001 What failed: Ntfs.sys I'm using: Kaspersky Security Center: 10.5.1781 Kaspersky Agent: 10.5.1781 Kaspersky Endpoint Security: Microsoft Windows 10 1803
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