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  1. i have tried by defining extension of batch file manually but still not worked, please have a look on attached image .
  2. Greetings everyone i am using KSC version 10.4.343 i am trying to block all files with extension .bat and .exe on client systems but i don't find any specific KL Category for that. How can i block these both extension with exception ? Appreciate the quick response Thankyou
  3. sir, i can't take a risk and i think that was the only time the server created that issue.. i do no get one thing that why the server freezed and restarted after updates completion ?
  4. Sir, here it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=149NDPfBI_zFQhrkQYJKcLlyu_kan63_S
  5. Sir i have sent the GSI, Kaspersky Event log and KLnagchk.
  6. Sir it just got freezed and just after 2mins it get restarted .
  7. i just updated the database of kes via ksc, after the completion of updates the it prompted a warning message "a restart is needed after updates" and at the same moment the server stuck and i was unable to do anything, and it restarted by itself.
  8. Greetings Everyone I have got an issue please help me out in this ; i updated kes after completion a prompt appeared on screen " a restart is needed after update " and my server hanged till restart and working fine yet but the thing is why did server hanged ? event pictures are attached Thanks in Advance.
  9. hello everyone, i have installed kes for mobile (android) and have enforced policy from KSC 10.4.343 . i have allowed some applications in application control by selecting "allowed apps" in operation mode and there i have listed the android applications considered to be whitelisted and other applications should be blocked, but the youtube still works and i just see the warning in events attached are the pictures kindly help me in that how can i block youtube ?
  10. please let me know how can i add the hash in KES for detecting it as malicious?
  11. Greetings everyone, can u guys verify the hashes, are these malicious ? Thank you! e57cc5f59d01506912dbe42f96e33fb5bbb8df30 fd0204ddc1e6e1d2e1300e628260869c481e25cc a3a50f46513a77ce08192a8652b440cc27567292 73d72c00dec2dfcbea82a4eb65f76ed20c289498 6a37f33cd61b0fd40fccde177eef883a40f99b71
  12. Hello everyone, i am trying to deploy the Skype but at certain time it returns error, i have tried on different systems but still the same error. attached picture states the in process of deployment and the second picture display the output. kindly help me out in this
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