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  1. Do you mean entirely disable this feature as shown here? A link showing how to "disable this prompt" would be nice if this is not what you mean.
  2. Will there be any consequence if I apply the new yearly license before the last year's license expires?
  3. Is this the option you are talking about? What do you mean by "the authorization request can be disabled"?
  4. We have a group of users that user PowerPoint presentation clickers. After update to KES11, the "BadUSB Attack" keeps blacklisting these clickers. The users are not able to input all of the requested keystrokes because it doesn't have all of the keys needed. Can I whitelist these devices? Or do I have to compromise my endpoint security and disable this feature? I really hope the latter is not the suggestion.
  5. I actually use this tool in production at my organization right now. Give me a few days to cleanse it of any identifying information and I will provide a link here.
  6. I deployed an SVM from the OVA package provided. The system's virtual HDD is full. What can I do to reclaim lost space?
  7. Event type: Action blocked by Self-Defense Application\Name: WMI Provider Host Application\Path: C:\Windows\System32\wbem\ Component: Manage protection Result\Description: Blocked Action: Open Object: avp.exe Object\Type: Process Object\Name: avp.exe Is there a way to get more information on why an action was blocked by self-defense?
  8. https://support.kaspersky.com/10656#block2 How can I silently install the installer.exe that this process creates? I don't want end users to see this.
  9. @Konstantin Antonov thanks, that worked. Close me out.
  10. See the atached image. How do I keep these files from getting so massive?
  11. This is obviously affecting more people than just me. It seems like we have a bug on our hands. How can we report it?
  12. It's enabled in my current version and has been since the issue started. I just did this: Not at ALL a fix, but I cannot tolerate another day of 50% of my devices having a critical status.
  13. No. I will not do the same thing again. Having more than one connection profile is not the issue. It's effecting devices with different KES versions, different netagent versions. The issue is not with the client. The issue is with the server. Please help other users in this thread.
  14. I think I'll just take my support request to professional services. We're getting nowhere here. I've sent GSI reports 4 or 5 times now to different people. Thanks.
  15. Sir, I mean no disrespect, but this reply is not helpful at ALL. Of course it's gonna have these issues, it's not on the corporate network. We're trying to figure out why KSC10 is considering the device "out of control" and in a critical state instead of simply disconnected. The problem is on KSC10's side. Not the client's. Is anyone reading??? @Dmitry Parshutin@Konstantin Antonov@Nikolay Arinchev@Ivan.Ponomarev@KLCentralSupport
  16. I have sent the GSI logs to you and @Ivan.Ponomarev via a private message. I uninstalled the net agent on this device, reinstalled it. Made sure it got a new policy with fewer connection profiles. THese changes were reflected in a klnagchk. There had been successful synchronizations. I let the device go off the network for 50 minutes, then KSC10 regarded the device as "out-of-control". Same issue.
  17. Startup type for the Network Agent service appears to be: Automatic (Delayed) I've applied a simplified Net Agent policy to the device and syncs are now considered "successful". I will test whether or not taking the device off of the network will render it "out of control" after 45 minutes. Thank you!
  18. No successful synchronizations - how is it possible that this device has never had a successful sync but the KSC10 server sees it as being in an "OK" state when connected to the network, databases are updated and virus scans are being run against the machine? I'm going to test a different network agent profile on this device with a very simple set of connection profiles to see if it helps. Issue cannot be considered resolved yet. Thank you!
  19. I've sent the requested information to you via a private message with a Dropbox link since there's STILL a 4MB max file size on these support forums. Welcome to the forums!
  20. I will be posting these in the next couple of hours.I appreciate your patience.
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