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  1. Hello all, May I know what is the difference between Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Security Cloud Free? Which one is more recommended for Windows 10? Thank you.
  2. Hello all, Wish you are all fine. A quick question, if you please: When enabling Advanced Disinfection setting in KF (( Settings→Additional→Threats and Exclusions )): Selecting the Enable option says: “Advanced Disinfection requires considerable computer resources. Running Advanced Disinfection can slow down the overall performance of the computer”, as per the attachment. My question: Are these considerable resources limited to the RAM of the PC? Or there is/are other affected resources, leading to a very slow performance ?? Thank you.
  3. Dear, Just a quick update on the issue: I did the step of disabling the Click-To-Run, and it really worked. The KF scan went on repeatedly without the error showing up again. But on the other hand, and to my surprise, my Office (2013 Pro+) stopped launching, and showed an error message of: "Something Went Wrong" , with Error Code: 1058-13. I tried to solve this by doing: Quick Repair, then Online Repair, and both didn't work. Then I re-installed Office, and it didn't work also. So I was forced to re-enable the step of Click-to-Run. The KF issue is back.
  4. Dear, This solution seems working so far. After uninstalling and Re-installing the KF, now this step looks working so far. Thank you.
  5. I did reinstall it. The lisence renewed. But the Error Message remained even after reinstalling. Also, as per another advice, I did repair the MS Office 2013, and the Error Message still on.
  6. Thank you again. Unfortunately, I'm not used to this detailed technical info, or aware of. The point is that this Error Message issue stops the Scan Process till you hit the OK tab.
  7. Thank you for your kind care. In fact, I don't use the MBAV now. What I use now is: KF + Voodoo Shield. From time to time I use the ESET Online Scanner and Rogue Killer.
  8. Yes. Office 2013 Professional. I've just done both type of Office Repair (Quick & Online) trying to solve the issue. But the error message appeared again, nevertheless.
  9. Any idea please on the cause & solution to this error message generated by KF upon starting new scans: "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application." It occurs now twice per one new scan, and only after hitting the OK tab, the scan then continues to the end. Thank you.
  10. Dear Mr. Richbuff, I found this also in the RK Scan Reports. It shows 3 Detections and Paths. You may find some more related info. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Mr. Richbuff, Here I attach what I found now in the RogueKiller Quarantine, they are now only 9 threats in its quarantine, whereas yesterday it detected 11 and removed them all. Please have a look at the attachment. Thank you.
  12. Dear, Thank you for your suggestions. The 1st one of them (by Mr. Richbuff) already taken. However, I did another action in the last 24 hours. This is just to check the protection of my KF. I tried the so-called RogueKiller software. And after scanning for 2 hours it detected 11 threats, the first of which was highlighted in red, and reported as DANGEROUS and MUST be removed soon. I removed all the 11 threats. The point is that, again, non of those 11 threats was detected by the KF. Any idea? Thank you.
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