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  1. Dear Support, There is an issue while running "Database Update" task, on 90% of devices it is failing with "Failed to receive file" error. I have tried following things: -Recreated the "Database Update" task. -Divide the task in 8-10 OUs and set the schedule time different from others. -Cleared the database repository and downloaded it again, -Selected "Automatically assign update agents", automatically numerous update agents have been assigned. -Set the Randomization time to 50-60 minutes. Versions used: KSC 10.5 Patch A KES 11.0.1 Network Agent 10.5 Kindly note that on few devices the "Database Update" task is successfull on 10-15% of devices while on remaining devices it is failing. Kindly guide. Thanks
  2. Dear Support, Thanks for your response. Yes i know its an old issue and limits KES to function in Safe Mode. But is there any plan in these years to cover this loophole in future versions ? because its an old issue and been mentioned many times on forum. Thanks
  3. Dear Support, Is this issue fixed in KSC 10.5 or KSC 10.5 Patch A ?? Because in safe mode Device control is still not working and USB is easily accessible despite Device is blocked. Thanks
  4. Dear Support, I will provide you with that, but kindly guide, in the above article its written that KES 10 SP1 Linux is compatible with KSC 10 SP2 and SP2 MR1, does this mean that its not compatible with KSC 10.5 SP3 ? because i have installed all the dependencies mentioned above but still the device is not discovered even after installing Network Agent and activated the application also. Kindly guide. Thanks
  5. Dear Support, KLNAGCHK shows success and the Linux machine is doing telnet and ping with KSC Server. Also kindly clarify that in support.kaspersky.com, following is mentioned: Here in the above article its written that KES 10 SP1 Linux is compatible with KSC 10 SP2 and SP2 MR1, does this mean that its not compatible with KSC 10.5 SP3 ? because i have installed all the dependencies mentioned above but still the device is not discovered even after installing Network Agent and activated the application also. Kindly guide. Thanks
  6. Dear Support, Yes i have deployed KLMOVER again and restarted, initially it was started to run but after another restart the Network Agent service not running just like before. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the response. IP address is already specified in the installation package of Network Agent and also in the affected machine Network agent. Thanks
  8. The incident number is INC000010201255. Kindly note that there is a very critical issue in the network that Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird sends mail to anyone automatically, and the user gets the bounce back email which was not actually send but its all being done automatically maybe because of Virus or something. I have found threads on Microsoft forum regarding this same and many suggestions are to Install Malwarebytes AV, and this is what customer is saying that why is Kaspersky unable to stop this and we have no answer to them. Kindly guide on this matter.. Thanks
  9. Also following events occur which might help you in troubleshoot: Service "Kaspersky Status Send Service" ended due to error %% - 2147417856 and the following error appears in the event viewer logs of KSC server (snap attached herewith)
  10. The problem occurs randomly, and this problem is not with just one device but there are numerous device with same error. So i have tried to troubleshoot and i found that KES and Network Agent services are running but KSC is showing the Device out of control. This may be caused by the problem with accounts that can change with the AD GP. Could you please elaborate this in more details, if the error is with AD GP then this should be on all devices instead of 300 devices out of 1600. Thanks
  11. Dear Support, KES 10 SP1 Linux KSC 10.5 Patch A Thanks
  12. Dear Support, There are around 50 devices installed with Linux Ubuntu OS and KES 10 SP1 Linux is installed on all of these. These devices are unable to discover in KSC although ping is successful from both sides and the following error is appearing in KES console. I have re installed Network Agent and KES application also by removing both and installing again, and by adding the key but still same error appears. Kindly guide. Thanks
  13. Hi Support, After reinstallation, both Network Agent and KES application are running in services also, but in KSC server its showing Powered off. When checked this device locally, The Kaspersky Status Send Service service terminated with the following error system call failed, service control manager, event id 7000. This error is appearing, and after sending heartbeat by klnagcheck -sendhb it is working properly. Why is this happening kindly guide and what is the impact of this event. Thanks
  14. There are no logs in TEMP folder. Thanks
  15. Dear Support, Waiting for your kind response. Thanks As this issue is now occurring with 500+ devices in the network, despite i have removed KES 11 and Network Agent and re installed these both but still same thing is happening,
  16. Dear Support, Kindly find the below link of GSI report of affected machine. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jca8iri5itkb8m/GSI6_ALI-PC_Administrator_02_27_2019_13_35_22.zip?dl=0
  17. Dear Support, I have re installed the Network Agent on both devices but when the device is restarted same error appears. Kindly find the below snaps for reference. Thanks
  18. Ok. Thank you very much for guiding on this. Following error appears when trying to start network agent services:
  19. Yes, KES 11, KSC Network Agent 10.5
  20. Thanks for your prompt response. Malwarebytes AV software is being used by client and files are attached in last post which shows detected files. Thanks
  21. Dear Support, There is an odd issue that Kaspersky with all latest database and latest version installed in unable to detect viruses/infected files. A client is having issue that many of their devices are running very slower and Task manager showing no high utilization, but when the client runs "Malwarebytes"/"Commodo"/"Avast", these AV instantly detects infected files and device gets running perfectly fine. Kindly find the attached reports of that AV. Thanks malware report.txt virus detail report.txt virus report.txt
  22. Dear Support, I have already installed KSC Server and even SQL Server from scratch, and deployed network agent on chunk of affected devices but after a short interval devices are again returning with the same error that is "Device gone out of control". Thanks
  23. This Kerberos Error is showing all those devices that are malfunctioned in KSC, that is why i am trying to figure it out whether this has any impact or its some other issue ? Thanks
  24. Waiting for your kind support in this regard. Thanks
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