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  1. Hi, transport level error between KSC & client system. KSc -10.5.1781 logs in the below link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tsBdjLWqPaILAKnTDe4YOJQcudDYaeRi help us to resolve the issue. BR
  2. : They are using Windows 7 professional 32 bit as a client we are facing following error Transport Level error during netagent connection to server. Netagent version 10.5.1781 and server version is same We have done following: 1. Run KLMover 2. Check the connectivity of 13000 and 14000 port through telnet which is successful 3. Uninstall the netagent and reinstall it 4. Manually put the certificate to netagent 5. Apply patch A to the netagent 6. Make sure to close all firewals We have attached following 1. GSI of the server 2. GSI of the client 3. Screenshot of error in Klnagchk utility which showing connectivity problem with 13000 port 4. Screenshot of telnet result of 13000 and 14000 port from client BR
  3. hi, only few client systems having this issue others are working fine. Kindly resolve the issue . No there is no network issue. BR
  4. Hi, we are facing issue regarding roaming profiles, as per there architecture they have configured network failover rule, they have 5 local IP and they have configured the rule such a way that if fails to connect, the machine will automatically connect with But in their scenario, even though the is working properly still the machines are getting connected with , this is happening in all the slave server. Applied KLMOVER.bat but still the issue remains same as it is automatically changing the IP after few seconds. They have only one network agent policy which is getting inherited in all the slaves from the master. I am providing the GSI report of KSC, Network agent policy and a machines GSI. Also sharing some screenshot of the issue. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mDjVqhT4hOKy2Dd_VKRQZT6Lt7pEkzm1 Thank You
  5. garu

    roaming profile issue

    Hi, we have requirement that when ever any slave server is down the client pc should automatically get synchronized with master server policy and should take update from master server and whenever slave server is up it should automatically go to slave server.if master server is down the clients on master server should automatically go to preferred slave server . troubleshooting 1> we have created a rule in network agent policy where if slave server ip is not available,the managed device from slave server automatically goes to master server 2> we have created another rule that if slave server ip is available the client systems in master pc should automatically go to slave present scenario: the clients from all the slave servers are automatically moving to master logs: so we we have collected gsi log of both client and server the exported network agent policy and snapshot of the issue Download link for the logs. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/82c038f8d5d994f3083db8a6fe34607d20190112062232/b1487978f3dec6faba0cc8fdc5a4f8d720190112062232/ec9ae1
  6. Hi, able to block encypted file while attaching in browser via application rule in kes11 except Microsoft edge. Ksc 10.5 & kes11. Also tried to block via application startup control rule but still Microsoft edge is not getting blocked whereas other browsers getting blocked BR
  7. Hi, I have followed the steps as instructed & collected Kes traces. The time of problem reproducing - 3:50 Pm to 4:02 PM download kes traces in the below link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hm2yLvhXwzi9YgvQPQj1L9a7BPqYigDC/view?usp=sharing BR
  8. Hi, unable to connect KSC 10.5 server. Fresh install done still ksc unable to connect. GSI in the below link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/8f0cd86379af77845cea1d6a0941166b20181228130536/258314faa6ee558856efc478d8374d0d20181228130536/0ea6ce Kindly help . Thank You
  9. Hi, Please see the comments made by Dimitry: First of all there are a lot of errors with disk C. They must be fixed and only after that you should install KSC and SQL. That's why I requested to mention the error in c drive so we can fix it up. Please mention. BR
  10. hi, please mention the error in c drive so we can fix it up. Thank You
  11. hii, ksc & sql are in the same machine. I have entirely uninstalled ksc & sql from the server. Manually deleted the folder sql as well as Kaspersky security centre. Then restarted server. Installed sql express manually successfully then installed ksc but after installation finished I clicked on the finished button ksc launched but unable to connect. Checked services of kladmin server it was stopped. Tried to start the service but again it gets stop. Created new admin account named as KSAdmin. Executed switch account with the new account waited for a while bu the issue remains same. Services getting stopped . Tried restoring different dates backup but the issue remains same. Now suggest me what should I do now? BR
  12. hi, when I uninstall ksc as well as sql completely. Then freshly install both but still is not getting connected. If I restore earlier dated backup still also ksc not getting connected. So how to connect Kaspersky security centre 10.5 successfully. Please provide solution. BR
  13. Hi, As per your request I have provided the logs. So please provide appropriate solution. BR
  14. Hi, PFA as required. Thank You data encryption.txt FLE.klp
  15. Hi, Can we install Kaspersky Security Center 10 Service Pack 3 (version 10.5.1781): Patch A on windows server 2019. unable to get anything in the below article: https://support.kaspersky.com/sysreq/14853 Please guide. BR
  16. Hi, GSI in the below link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sfhS6rlOSqgw3NYj1acHgGdMlSYXFYRS kindly help us to achieve the goal. BR
  17. hi, user able to attach encypted files in Gmail only in Microsoft Edge. Whereas unable to attach encypted files in Gmail via other browsers. Please guide.I want user should not attach encypted files in Gmail via Microsoft edge browser.its file & folder encryption feature BR
  18. hi, I don't want user to attach encypted files in email. So I have created application rules to block encypted file to attach. I am successfully done the same in all browsers except Microsoft edge. Please help.
  19. Hi, Still waiting for your prompt reply. BR
  20. hi, Do KSC Version: 10.5.1781 supports TLS 1.2. Can you share a article for reference. BR
  21. hi, Kaspersky security virtualization light agent 5.0 validation error while installation. Attached log. Kindly help us to resolve the issue. BR deploymentwizard log (1).txt
  22. Hi, Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server - unable block usb device via device control policy in KSWS Download link for GSI https://wetransfer.com/downloads/486f3a40810d0bed65c6fe1d637b58e420181215064808/fa4bce3de5126b59cca1630614c0654720181215064808/896721 attached policy & ksws traces while reproducing the issue KS4WS.klp traces.rar
  23. hi, as a layman please provide me the proper settings with screenshot to block all removable drives Br
  24. HI, Please guide me what settings need to be changed manually using management console . BR

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