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  1. Hi Support,


    Good day,

    I would like to ask how can I avoid automatically log in on Kaspersky Security Console on Kaspersky Server. I have done assigning user role for each IT member but as far as their account was being signed or the defualt account was being signed it was always saved on the login.

    Thank you

  2. Good day to you,
    I have some queries regarding FLE. We all know that encryption module can not be installed on a server platform.
    My question is the EU want to implement FLE how can we able to encrypt the file on the shared folder on the server? Is there a way or either a workaround on this.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Support,

    Good day,

    I downloaded kaspersky mail security for exchange and plan to install it on different server but upon running it I always got this  error '" actions detect Exchange Server Version and Features Instability Action has completed with an error: The provider does not support searching and connot search GC" Please see attached file also for reference.


    Thank you


  4. Hi,

    We have KES11, just a follow up question is it ok after the encryption policy on the KSC was triggered and sync to the workstation, can the workstation disconnect or even turn off while encryption is progress?

    Thank you

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