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  1. Sorry I wrote data info but I meant to say computer info like 02584841.pdf.id-64B8C143.[buydecrypt@qq.com] the id part is used with the master key to get your repair key. Thanks, have a nice Day
  2. johngalt77777, in my first comments I told my bad experience, I did a 7 month proyect that got hit by dharma bip ( also backups), the people that hire me gave me half of the ransom, I pay and 3 days later hacker ask for more money, I pay again and the hacker never send me the key to repair the info. I lost my job and 10.000 dollars. Never PAY TO THOSE BAS****RDS they dont have Word. they must die. A few web sites offer to get your info for the same money the hacker wants. I have news for you, these web sites belong to the same people that steal your info, I knew it because a few guys are helping me to find the hacker and the traces are link to the sites that offer help. Not coincidence. And they Will pay in a bad way. there is a lot of people affected that give us help to track these Bas***ards and make them fix the problema, if they dont………. that Will be real fun for us. About the encryption it creates a key that Works with your data info so it makes a new key. in the name of the files the extensión is part of the main key. it is different for every body, but if we get the master key, my people can make a tool for everybody for free. wish us luck.
  3. Ransomware is worst everyday if you look in google, hundreds of people offer to decrypt your info for the same money the criminals ask for........ ScottN is right, those who steal your info with ransomware and those who wants to be heroes for a few bucks!!!!! $1000 $2000 $ 3000 are the same, they are friends, they have lunch together and even have swinger parties where they share everything....... People don't pay Don't PAY!!!!!! Back up all your info with external hard drives every week, every day and fu.........k them.
  4. People we are helpless, any bastard can use ransomware to steal your work across the world from his mother´s basement , then ask for money and give you nothing to fix the problem, Just lose my job because a 7 month project (also backup) got under 100dollar@cock.li.bip encryption, and no one f....cking care that a little bastard is laughing on me while watching porn drinking whisky and using my money to pay hookers when his parents are out of town. now it is my damn problem, we are all f.....ked, you buy a new anti ransomware software and in a month a new ransomware is on and your new software is useless without the signature. we are f....ked.................I really hope that this people get a lot of suffering before die. First time in my life I have a reason to hate others......sorry.
  5. Thank you, do you have any decrypt tool??? for affected files.
  6. Help ransomare . bip mail@cock.li.bip tool anyone?
  7. Help .bip files seems to be dharma variant.
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