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  1. Hi If i scan an installation file before i use it and it comes up as clean, should i also then scan what was installed ie. the program. Many thanks
  2. Hi Whenever I go to any torrent site, even the reputable ones, Kaspersky tells me the page is malicious. Is it still safe to download from these site? are there safe torrenting sites out there? Many Thanks
  3. Hi Is it possible to get a virus simply from opening an email? I have heard varying opinions. Thanks
  4. Hi When should I upgrade Kaspersky Internet Security on my phone? Thanks
  5. Hi Out of interest does Kaspersky Internet Security delete viruses and malware or just quarantine them? And does it always run in the background even after i have shut its window? Thanks
  6. Hi How do I check which Kaspersky Internet Security I have, the version is does that mean it is Kaspersky Internet Security 2018? Thanks
  7. Hi When I click on the renew licence tab, the page i get taken to describes Kaspersky internet security in comparison to total security, but there is nothing to click on to start the renewal process. Please help. Thanks
  8. Hi Once I have installed Kaspersky will it protect me from viruses while it runs in the background or do I have to open it each time I turn on my computer? Sorry for the dumb question.
  9. I took out my SD card before i did the factory reset, now that i have done that and reinstalled Kaspersky can I put the SD card back in? Will Kaspersky defend my phone if there is a virus or malware on the SD card? Or do I need to buy a new SD card?
  10. will I lose my contacts, apps etc.?
  11. If I have malware or a virus on my phone and I install kaspersky will it get rid of the virus/malware, or does it only protect me from what happens after installation? Thanks.
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