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  1. Hello! two things can be useful : - say "hello" or something else… :) - provide informations about what you want to do, how and -shortly- describe the environment I encountered the same issue as you. Using Serva's initrd solved it because it does what a classic initrd doesn't: lauch the .srm files. Regards,
  2. Hello! (sorry, can't post answer since few days due to javascript/ckeditor issue) It has worked on 1st try with : LABEL KRD MENU LABEL ^B KRD KERNEL krd2018/boot/grub/k-x86_64 APPEND initrd=krd2018/boot/grub/initrd.xz,krd2018/boot/grub/INITRD_N24.1.GZ net.ifnames=0 dostartx dodhcp netboot=http://[IP-address]/krd2018/data/* loadsrm=000-core.srm,001-xorg.srm,002-xfce.srm,003-kl.srm,004-krt.srm,005-bases.srm Many thanks for this useful link!
  3. Hello! I use a fairly simple PXE server: I decompress the iso image in subfolder, adds a menu entry. I can then boot a machine on the LAN to perform a installation, make material diagnosis, or... disinfection... I seem to be missing knowledge. KRD 2018 cannot finish to start for the two following reasons: it can't find data/krd.iso it can't mount sda and sda1-6 The only thing I have is a mini-shell (already not bad). Precision: I do not use NFS for the moment since useless with what's in place. I'll use it if I have no other solution. After many unsuccessful tests, the menu entry was returned as found in krd/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/cfg/kav_menu.cfg : linux krd/boot/grub/k-x86_64 net.ifnames=0 lang=en dostartx (isoloop=krd.iso) initrd krd/boot/grub/initrd.xz It's a syntax for GRUB, not for PXElinux... Do you know of any arguments to give to the kernel that might to succeed? Or maybe some documentation? a few remarks @K : 1. it would be very nice to have easily an azerty map, (or even better, azerty and bepo) in KRD/xfce 2. It would be nice if the giants would stop making us train AI.. Please stop using captcha, recaptcha or any other tools their resembling. I'm sure you can be more inventive... If I work for a company's AI, shouldn't I be paid for this? Best regards and thanks you for your attention.
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