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  1. I logged in and changed my username, password and memorable information. Only at the point of logging in does Kaspersky say it blocked something, so hopefully even if the login details were captured at the point of logging in, they're out of date.
  2. If the security is breached, it is nothing to do with Kaspersky. The only reason we'd have any idea of it, is thanks to Kaspersky. The typical position of UK banks is that if it is fraud, they will reimburse you, just not if you type your details into a false address or something. As the attack vector here (if it isn't a false positive) seems to be some kind of script inserted into the banks own page, it would be entirely their fault and their liability.
  3. NordVPN always sucked for me, but now you say this, I wonder if it was Nord+Kaspersky that was the problem. Anyhow, with Mullvad now and no issues with Kaspersky.
  4. Not through safemoney. Just chrome with Kaspersky addon. With/without VPN doesn't change anything. My message is exactly the same as the OP, but instead of starting with analytics.santander.co.uk/mpz/ it starts with campaign.halifax-online.co.uk/mpz/ and instead of ending with the Sentander login follow through, it ends with the Halifax follow through. I am willing to bet that the issue is the same for every website named in that long URL.
  5. I've had this same issue when signing into Halifax today. Very concerning. Please can Kaspersky let us know if this is legit or a false positive?
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