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  1. Anyway, I've opened another support ticket linked to this forum. I'll be posting the numbers here, cause I'm going to keep insisting on this. I have over 100 days of subscription left to care about this. Support ticket number: INC000009579232
  2. it's not google's fault. i'm on kis18, i actually downgraded and it works perfectly. all the machines i have updated to kis19 (3 so far, and never again) have this issue. since support doesn't help, could someone from this forum do something. i mean, if writing here won't help and support closes our tickets... is this forum just for show?! the only workarounds found here are the ones from the users, trying to scramble around to fix your product. unbelievable. over 4 months of this.
  3. Another one jumping the boat. I'm going to try and keep this thread alive in the hopes that someone from kaspersky gives an official answer for this issue (please, read previous unsatisfactory replies before answering). In the meanwhile, @soran1974 , could you share which AV have you switched to with no issues? My license is running out and I'm considering Bitdefender. PS: Dear Kaspersky Moderators. So, did mentioning another AV software finally got your attention or don't you even have forum mods around here?
  4. No, it doesn't. I have created three support tickets. I'm not a KIS FREE user, I have a paid subscription for 3 computers and it makes no difference. I have explained the issue in detail to support, several times, and I've linked to this forum and this specific topic for more information. Nothing. I have answered all the emails they send and AGAIN, the replies are automated. It's like talking to a WALL. It's infuriating. They offer to do a live support session, which I don't need (none of us do) because IT'S NOT AN USER PROBLEM. IT'S A SOFTWARE ISSUE WITH KIS19. Again, automated answers. WHY?! I just want you people to acknowledge the problem and say you are working on it. Or not, but give us some info. WE HAVE REPORTED THIS THROUGH THE APPROPRIATE CHANNELS FOR MONTHS. Sorry for the caps, but I'm fed up with this, and with your awful customer service. Again, as I told support, if you don't fix it, I'm moving my business elsewhere. They should do it. Someone should drop a line and say "Sorry for the inconvenience, working on it." Or at least give an official answer instead of relying on the own users troubleshooting this issue with workarounds and being force to disable security options. PLEASE. NO MORE AUTOMATED ANSWERS. PLEASE. Listen to us, work on this issue. I love KIS and I don't want KIS18 to be the last version I use, because the software is excellent otherwise. Thank you.
  5. Same here, both on my desktop with Windows 7 and on my laptop with the last Windows 10 updates. It's annoying, even with the HTTPS workaround, which is really insecure as most pages use some form of the protocol nowadays and disabling it shouldn't be a solution for this. I've also downgraded to 18, and I've lost ALL my firewall rules which is really disappointing. I've trusted Kaspersky for years now and this is just unacceptable, it's been over a week since this was notified and there isn't any official response? I've just registered to complain about this. It's plainly unprofessional to have a bug of this magnitude and severity in a final version of a product.
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