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  1. I would be interested in testing KSB. Maybe use 2fish encryption? A 64 to 256 bit encryption selection via user would be the way to go. Make it per folder selectable. JMHO
  2. I would have to agree with you. There are too many users who "plug" into my systems. I would suggest once Kaspersky notices any external plugin that it will conduct a mandatory scan that user can't cancel. This to be implemented via Amin.
  3. On my Vista Ultimate 64 bit rig I just used the repair and after reboot KIS9 had to load the data bases again then it is back to normal:-) Thanks, JASTECH
  4. It looks like Whizard has left the forum, but I am sure he will be back. My pain patch and Percocet are kicking in so I need to lay down. Others will be here shortly too. Thanks, JASTECH
  5. bobbycooper, I eat very well as does my wife. We both enjoy it a lot. I just need to be careful of the wine! Thanks, JASTECH
  6. LolaCSD, 1) Locate where the photo is located and remember it. 2) Click on ADDREPLY and NOT FASTREPLY. 3) After clicking on ADDREPLY look at the bottom right (below where you insert your text). 4) You will see "Manage Current Attachments" and below that you will see "Browse" and "UPLOAD" 5) Click on the Browse button and then after the pop-up window you locate the picture on your computer. 6) Then click the "UPLOAD" and when it is uploaded yo uwill see it listed in the Manage Current Attachments. I hope this helps? Thanks, JASTECH
  7. bobbycooper, I am glad you have the problem solved and seem so happy for it too? Sense I seen your location is in Italy it made me think of The Olive Garden restaurant in the states. Thanks, JASTECH
  8. LolaCSD, The link you posted is "c.com", This my friend is not a pictiure. Maybe you would be better at a Print Screen or? ScottB, I too ran XP, XP Pro and my wife too with no issues as you have so wee need to get tot he bottom of this and I am sure Whizard will assist you along with many other members. Let me go back and read a little more of your problem unless you wold like to reiterate here? Thanks, JASTECH
  9. Don, I just recieved a call from my mother-in-law and she has forgotten her KIS password too (She is having kimo for cancer) and is forgetting a lot. So I found what you posted and sent her the link for her son to try when he gets out of bed, lol...18yrs and still in bed 14:00!! Kids now a days. I will post here if it works or not. Thanks, JASTECH
  10. richbuff, Long time no see. Ok, I will install it for the 7th time and hoepfully get the same issue. This will have to wait till Monday, untill then I will tighten up my router. I will beta 2010 on Intel i7 24GB system. I am so looking forward to testing again. Thanks, JASTECH
  11. Update: I went ahead and replaced the Netgear router with a TRENDnet sense I needed a faster router anyways and installed SP1. This did not help, it must be something to do with the way KIS 506 and VISTA x64 respond to each other. When KIS is removing the software and gets to "Removing Files" then my internet icon comes on and I have internet. Did anybody else have this issue? Any thoughts out there? I am on the internet naked! Thanks, JASTECH
  12. I was able to activate it via the reg file but still no internet until I uninstall KIS506. I will have to think about this one. Thanks, JASTECH
  13. Don, When it installs I lose my internet. So I can't activate using the code Kaspersky sent me. I am at a loss. Please assist if you can. Thanks, JASTECH
  14. Ok, so how do I get it installed as a beta? It is still telling me the trial is over and I have not internet. The system is also a dual boot with Linux
  15. Well, that didn't work either. I don't have the option for beta on 506. This is very up settting. Anybody have more ideas to try? My system stays on 24/7 and a lot of internet traffic. Thanks, JASTECH
  16. DonKid, That might have worked. I noticed the latest build at devbuilds is 505. I have 506, is that the last one or is there another for the KIS10 testing? TIA Thanks, JASTECH
  17. Baz, I am sorry I messed up. After my accident I have memory issues ect. So please be patient as I have to relearn a lot of stuff for daily life. Edit: I just tried it via command line and "Kaspersky Anti-Virus was not detected" P.S. The first time I uninstalled it I used the KIS built in uninstaller. Thanks, JASTECH
  18. Howdy! I miss you guys/gals! Anyways, I installed VISTA Ultimate 64 bit and was running 357 w/o to many problems. I decided to beta 506 so I uninstalled 357 using Your Uninstaller Pro. When I installed 506 it said it was expired? And when 506 is installed and I reboot I have no internet. I disabled everything on 506 and still no internet. I then disabled the Service so that it would not be enabled after reboot again. After reboot there is still no internet. I then uninstalled it again using Your Uninstaller Pro then used CCleaner after that. I rebooted and then installed 506 again and still no internet. So I thought about it and think KIS leaves some luggage behind that both the uninstaller programs I have can not locate. So I then reinstalled 506, rebooted then of course no internet so I can't use my registration number given to me by Kaspersky for the beta testing I did. So this time I used the kavremover9 and it located KIS and uninstalled and then rebooted. So I thought finally I am able to beta test 506 and Nope! It still kills my internet. So how do I go about this my friends? I have even scanned the registry myself and can't find it. I want to start beta testing KIS 10 when available. Thanks, JASTECH
  19. Paul, I agree with you. I am still throwing things at 357 and need to stop playing with this older beta and move up to at least 506. But I too am waiting to start testing again, I miss it and there are more spiders to stop along with hacking. Out here one of our banks was gotten into via the internet and they gained access to 308 accounts as of this day 1-22-2009 at 16:00. So there is more work to do. See you brothers soon. Thanks, JASTECH
  20. Whizard, well I have been on sense DOS3! I have been a beta tester for allot of companies ( I had 20+ computers). "Release build of v7 ( should be x64 bit compatible. ", I am running it now. Everything seems ok except the "Teaming" we talked about. I will go to the thread you posted. I am also a member of AnandTech and there are allot of users of this mb and wanting to "Team" there LAN's. I will let them know Kasparsky is working on it. Thanks, JAS
  21. Whizard, thanks for the prompt response! I do understand and agree with the "outside the wan threshold". Within the LAN will still hold water, but even our SATA2 drives can't max out the SATA connections, lol. There is a long way to go but we can get there together if we try. I am still toying around with K7, we also have ESS and OoutPost Pro suit installed on other systems testing them. I would like a nice package for the systems we build and as I always do "Stand behind the products we sell". So fo now I will leave the teaming of the LAN's disabled for now and keep testing K7 or is there an K8 that can be tested on VISTA 64? Thanks, JAS
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