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  1. That frustration has led to further disappointment. They connected to my system after an hour or so and just tried to download KLLogsGather.zip and run the script within. It didn't work when they tried to run it, but I ran it for them and sent them the resulting file, and they said they'd email me. Well, that was four hours ago. No reply yet. (And I just noticed from their last emails (4,6 hours ago): Subject: Kaspersky - Support INC0000102937xx Rudimentary questions about product functionality) So kav going nuts - using up all resources - over 8000 open files! is a rudimentary question? Well, then why is it taking hours to get a response? Hopefully someone realized it's not rudimentary and is looking into it. Remaining hopeful.
  2. FYI: No answer here, so 2 hours later, I reached out for support via chat. After 2 chats, I was sent to kas.pr/cfr. In queue. Bad UI. I'm #4 in queue. Every couple minutes it updates me : Your position in queue is 4. And beeps. I wish it only beeped if there was you know, like uhh, some new info!
  3. LOL! Rhetorical question? eBay is a marketplace. Technically, it's individual users who sell, and they're not trusted resellers.
  4. [19-03-22@08:34] # lsof >/var/log/lsofmadness #run as root [19-03-22@08:34][ /var/log]$ grep kav lsofmadness | grep Absinthe | wc 3537 31833 621981 [19-03-22@08:34][ /var/log]$ grep kav lsofmadness | grep Contacts | wc 4124 45366 1008861 [19-03-22@08:35][ /var/log]$ grep kav lsofmadness | grep -v Contacts | grep -v Absinthe | wc 928 9217 157034 [19-03-22@08:37][ /var/log]$ wc lsofmadness 17669 169119 3215531 lsofmadness [19-03-22@08:38][ /var/log]$ grep BA51A19D lsofmadness | wc 1715 18792 423610 [19-03-22@08:39][ /var/log]$ grep D79E3194 lsofmadness | wc 2357 25855 575623 Thousands of lines like this kav 113 root 1429r REG 1,1 1574 21259078 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/102D51A6-6260-496B-B103-A27CC8F69A79:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1430r REG 1,1 24156 2123666 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/fsgen kav 113 root 1431r REG 1,1 1345 21259079 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/10469FA2-B4FE-456A-AC63-31365B8A52AB:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1432r REG 1,1 24492 2123667 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/fsgen-bootstrap kav 113 root 1433r REG 1,1 1895 21259080 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/10493093-5EF4-4F93-82D7-CE1A2FA65666:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1434r REG 1,1 12 2123668 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/sb_evaluatehook.bin kav 113 root 1435r REG 1,1 1782 21259081 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/1049A02F-81CA-43F7-84F2-DEEDD01CFC41:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1436r REG 1,1 256 2123669 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/sb_evaluatehooker.bin kav 113 root 1437r REG 1,1 3315 21259082 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/1125B3FD-C7C9-4152-96FF-D7120FAD12F3:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1438r REG 1,1 116 2123670 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/shellcode.bin kav 113 root 1439r REG 1,1 1895 21259083 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/1144FCFA-87A6-4487-B9AA-E8AE8E5F06B9:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1440r REG 1,1 512 2123671 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/sysent_1c50 kav 113 root 1441r REG 1,1 1557 21259084 /Users/mre/Documents/Contacts - 05-28-2017.abbu/Sources/BA51A19D-1121-496C-82A3-ADC8DCE3FEAE/Metadata/11571963-3F0F-4D52-AE06-4D642F252441:ABPerson.abcdp kav 113 root 1442r REG 1,1 8 2123672 /Applications/Absinthe.app/Contents/MacOS/data/9A405/iPad2,3/fsgen/zfreehook.bin
  5. I also had the problem that I could not view/participate in Disqus discussions. I googled and found this thread. I'm using KAV on a Mac. I found that if I went to Kaspersky Internet Security Preferences, Privacy tab, and turned off "Block website tracking", Disqus would work again. It still worked if I later re-enabled blocking of website tracking - which leaves me quite confused. (I tried re-enabling each component trying to find the one that needed to stay off, and couldn't.) (At first I had assumed that the problem was Ghostery; even after completely unblocking Disqus in Ghostery, Disqus still wouldn't work.) (I'll update this if anything clears up. Being on a Mac (runing macOS), I can't provide a GSI; the tool is PC-only.)
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