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  1. Hmmm, Connection data is only one step... You have no control as parent: - WiFi - Data connection - Airplane mode Child always can Turn Off those options. You can block "settings" but child always can usees upper beam. My son knows perfectly haw can he do :-), how to avoid block. Those problems I have reported to support. We can only wait...
  2. I using schedule "Device Use" and using "Time Limit - schedule" for some aplicattions. But I need next functions "ONE CLICK": - Block device - regardless of the schedule. Blocked until the next period (harmonogram). - Extra "free time" - Device will be unblocked extra for example 1 hour. Currently, I need to change the schedule. These additional features have "competition". I heve full version.
  3. I have the same, but it is bad joke :-(. I' am a child. I turn off data transmission. And parents don't know where I am. This is very professional !!! I'am a parent, now. But i can't control TURN OFF / ONN: - WiFi - Bluetooth - Data connection This is evidental bug in application.
  4. I using Kaspersky kids on phones my children''s. Full version. 1.) But I can not block or hides icons some system apllications , for example: Google (not Chrome), Voice search, Search... I have talked about this problems with polish support... Their answer: (...) It''s not posibble (...). I will say this...There is very good sad joke. It is possible for 1000%. Because Nova Luncher for android permit hide icons the same solution has system for Samsung phones. So it is possible, only Kaspersky not offer this solution, now. 2.) Localise my children not working when internet connection is OFF. But children can TURN OFF / ON this options. I am children, now... Makeing this: Turn OFF transmision date and I have parents (...). 3.) Parents have not control: - WiFi - Data connection - Bluetooth Childrens can TURN ON/OFF this options. 4.) There is problem with Localise my children when I have "one" profile and couple equipment (on this profile). For example: Tablet - localisation Off. Phone - localisation On. System still looking for everything equipment. I did that: ONE PROFILE = ONE EQUIPMENT There are evidents bug in Yours offer protect.
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