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  1. Patch E for KAV/KIS/KTS 19 is being beta tested. The documentation includes this: Scope Features: Requirement 3194644: [BRQ] Manual change of product icon to old K-icon∙ Requirement 3256864: [BRQ] Manual switching-on of pig sound. WHAT!!
  2. If a Full Scan includes the Rootkit Scan, why is it that I get these results in my system?: Rootkit Scan takes 30 minutes for 3,181 files Full Scan takes 12 minutes for 383,688 files
  3. Kaspersky Labs says: "The Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is the cloud-based knowledge base of Kaspersky Lab containing information about the reputation of applications and websites." Kaspersky Security Network and Kaspersky Secure Connection are two different things! I want to stay connected to the Kaspersky Security Network so I just uninstalled the VPN after installation.
  4. You don't need that unless you absolutely have to have a hard copy (CD) of the software. Save some money The software can always be downloaded again from My Kaspersky or from the dowload link in the Forum.
  5. Interesting. The QB folder in my 2019 KIS is empty. The AVP19.0.0 folder has a total of 642 MB.
  6. If you use Windows 10, the webcam can be disabled in Settings -> Privacy -> Camera -> Allow Access to the Camera on this device -> Change You can enable it as needed.
  7. In the words of Obi-Wan or Dr. Spock or maybe it was John Lennon: Resistance is futile my friend!
  8. I am sure this change comes from the Marketing/PR side of the business. OUT with the beautiful red and black K that everyone knows and IN with a bland green shield with a check-mark. This way, no one will connect the new Kaspersky with the old Kaspersky..... or at least that's what they are counting on. As long as they don't mess with the world class protection engine, I can live with that. But like you, I miss the good old in your face K.
  9. One more thing, if you ever run into performance or functionality issues with Windows or any other installed software it will be a nightmare to troubleshoot when you have introduced all those unknowns into your system. The vendors themselves will have a hard time helping you.
  10. @DIVERSE Yes, you can have as many AV products that you want installed in your computer as long as only one of them runs at Windows start. You can then pick and choose which one you want running at a given day or time. Your call. That being said, in my original posting I mentioned that AV products are among the most intrusive software products you can install. It would not surprise me that most/all of them will have some processes and services running in the background even when you set them to not start with Windows.
  11. By their own nature, AntiVirus solutions are probably the most intrusive software products that you can install. AntiVirus products embed themselves in every nook and cranny of the OS in order to do their job. Using two "real-time" products at the same time can/will cause OS instability and performance degradation. Worst still, competing products can fail in doing what they are designed to do if they compete with each other. You will hear from many enthusiasts that swear that nothing like that ever happens and that it is best to have more than one solution for a "layered" approach to virus detection. The truth of the matter is that all major AV vendors, including Kaspersky and Microsoft, discourage users from installing more than one "real time" product. In Windows 10, Microsoft has designed Windows Defender to disable itself as soon as it detects the installation of a third party AV product. You can still have Windows Defender do periodic file scanning if desired. Very few free AV products offer an "on demand" option. Malwarebytes Free is a notable exception.
  12. I agree with you if we were talking about a glitch affecting a few Kaspersky users. But....This is a failure of an important feature for Kaspersky products that should have been addressed by the Kaspersky testing team already.
  13. It could be due to a change in Windows 10 but......Webcam Protection is a well advertised feature for KIS 19 and Windows 10 is the world prevalent OS. A solution from Kaspersky is already overdue.
  14. I don't use Safe Money (disabled). With the Webcam Protection on, I select "Block access to webcam for all applications" then start the Windows Camera app and the camera works normally.
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