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  1. I understand. But cite your opinion if possible. I like new KFA 2019 and noted that same modules of KAV include in KFA, correct? Level protection of paid version in freeware. Incredible!
  2. My discussion not is about level protection of Kaspersky Free, but of not allow protection settings. Why blocked protection settings? Please, cite an motive. The protection is of high level? Yes. The question is: Why not allow that user decide configurations with your desire? If an module present an problem, is more easy to user identify the module responsable with deactivation. Or not? Other question. The Kaspersky disponibilize in your antivirus free same level of paid protection. But blocked protection settings not affect level protection, correct? In others words, not exist motive to blocke protection settings. Is it important know that the user like of use configurations of your preference. Note that others antivirus freeware offers good protection too, and allow configurations because not affect upgrade to paid version. Free version = fewer modules is normal. Blocked protection settings is overkill. Paid version = more modules, support priority and others.
  3. I overkill about say Kaspersky not think in free users, but is an overkill not allow protection settings. I continue with KFA installed here.
  4. The Kaspersky blocked protections settings in KFA 2019. I don't like prohibition and consider an big error of Kaspersky Lab. The limitation of modules is normal, but not allow protection settings is an overkill. My opinion is that various not like too. Conclusion: Kaspersky not think in free users, only wish more users to increase your database of users to increase protection of paid users too. My opinion only.
  5. Hello, The Kaspersky Free 2019 caused closed of CCleaner Free 5.42.6499 when I clicked to execute clean up. When clicked in Analyse not occur problem, only when clicked in clean up. When I exit Kaspersky Free 2019 the problem not occur.
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