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  1. The database and KSC are on the same server. Yes, because we want to move KSC to a new server and database also. So it is okay to migrate SQL 2008r2 to SQL 2016 on Win2016? Thanks!
  2. Hello, We have one server Win2008r2 is running KSC 10 administrator server and SQL 2008r2. We would like to move this two to another server Win2016. We have googled and saw some posts talking about SQL 2008r2 and Win2016 server. Some people said that SQL 2008r2 is not supported on Win2016 and some said it is okay. We cannot find any official doc related to that. So, the questions are: 1. Can we move SQL 2008r2 to Win2016? ( Will it work as normal on the new server or is there any problems?) 2. Can we migrate SQL 2008r2(Win2008r2) to SQL 2016(Win2016)? ( What we need to do here? is it possible to upgrade SQL 2008r2 in place or need to migrate to a new server with new SQL version?) or what is your advice to do this? what steps do you think is easiest to do? Appreciate your help! Thank you!
  3. Ok thank you, after your explanations I was able to find out where I needed to add the server information The deployment of packages is working again. I will ask the technical team to close the ticket. Thank you again for the step by step help
  4. Dear, Thank you for your reply. The reply from your engineer is unfortunately hardly understandable as explained in my reply. I'd be happy to have another round of explanation that would be easier to follow than the one listed below : "Please open the "Remote installation node" and select "Properties" in the "Installation packages" context menu, then set a correct KSC server address (IP or FQDN) on the "General" page"."
  5. Hello We have pending ticket : INC000009115954 (from 24 april 2018) We have recently updated our KSC to v10.5.1781.0 We had the previous version of KSC installed before hand, it was just an update to newer version. We can install the network agent NetAgent_10.5.1781 on the machines without any error. We are now unable to install/deploy KES to our clients (with old packages KES_10.3.0.6294 or with newest version of KES KES_11.0.0.6499) The error that we are receiving is : assertion !wstrhostname.empty() failed We have tried to reboot the server multiple times : same error We have tried to delete the installation package for KES v11, reboot, download the package from Kaspersky website (advanced/remote installation/installation packages/current application version/download) & deploy : same error We have tried to deploy using the IP adress of the client & not the DNS : same error If the Network agent is installed on the client, it will say it is already here and the error will happen when starting to install KES We created a self installation package for KES v11, it will install properly on clients & they will be listed on KSC. So the only issue is with the deployment of the application It seems nobody ever had this error after searching on Google or on this forum Any pointer would be greatly appreciated $klserver-1093.zip
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