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    Licence expired [1779319] [Solved]

    @Konstation Antonov I dont have Company Account sir

    Licence expired [1779319] [Solved]

    @Nikolay Arinchev Iam using KSWS: Kaspersky End Point Security 10 Service pack 2 Mainternance Realease 1 for MAC os ( Version 10.14) and aspersky End Point Security 10 Service pack 2 for Mac ( Version 10.13). I have same issue with this topic

    Licence expired [1779319] [Solved]

    @Ganzfix Kindly share me link #58.. I had same issue

    Active license with KAS

    Hi @Dmitry Parshutin I am using KES 10 service pack 2 Maintenace release 1 for MAC GSI is creating.... so long How can i get results of key usage report?
  5. Dear support Iam using KES 10 in client. I already deploy new key for all client. However in KAS Center, my client still announce " License term expired". Then I checked in client, it was actived. So I want to fix status in KAS center. Kindly support me Thanks
  6. @Dmitry Parshutin It is oke..Thakns bro
  7. HI support Iam using KAS center and KAS Endpoint 10. My licenses will expired in 19/11/2018...My company already bought new keys expired until 2019 So now, How i can renew all client with new keys?? Thanks for your support

    Miss chart pie Task in KAS center

    @mastropizza OMG Thanks sir. i solved

    Miss chart pie Task in KAS center

    @Nikolay Arinchev how can i get log from GSI log?
  10. Hi support KAS I miss chart pie view in Task of KAS Center. So Kindly help me rollback Chart pie again.. Thanks
  11. Yes @Nikolay Arinchev We can closed ticket
  12. @Evgeny_E I do like @FLTech i work for me Thanks @Nikolay Arinchev Thanks
  13. @Evgeny_E Thanks for your comment I already delete old name and AAVN-LAPTOP32*. then i add again workstation. It isnt work. And it has warning (image) How KAS can detect right name.
  14. Dear support KAS I already used KAS Center version (10.4.343) and KAS Endpoint in client ( Issue: Laptop (Hostname- AAVN-LAPTOP32) was reinstalled Windows. After the installtion was finished, I add device in KAS Center : Name of Laptop is AAVN-LAPTOP32. It is right name 2st: (After reinstall Windows) Name of Laptop is AAVN-LATOP32~~37233xx and it is critial I want add device is right name in KAS Center. How to clean cache (Attach Image) Kindly help me fix this issue
  15. BATUAN

    Create Scan exclusion for client

    Yes, This problem is solved

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