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  1. Hi Z0eymae, In my case it was really important to perform the points 1 to 4 in that specific order. So start with removing the master password (1). Then make the kaspersky certificates trustworthy (2 and 3). And finally add the master password again (4). IN THAT ORDER. This worked for me. If it doesn't work for you, maybe there is something else going on. By the way: everything is still working. Rebooting did not mess things up again! Good luck!
  2. Thanks Mefodys, but I just found a solution / workaround. It seems the problem that I noticed with the Kaspersky certificates is related. What you can do in FireFox to get the certificates working again is: 1. In FF: under Options / Privacy & Security: delete the master password. 2. In FF: under Options / Privacy & Security: scroll down, click View Certificates. 3. Find the Kaspersky certificate(s) and using the "Edit trust" button make the certificates trust websites again (Under "AO Kaspersky Lab"). 4. add the master password again. The Kaspersky add-on is working now. Have not checked what happens after a reboot, but apparently it has to do with resetting the trust in the kaspersky certificates with the master password set to off, and not while it is active. Seems like a FF bug. I'm happy so far. I'm happier if it all stays OK.
  3. I am the original poster. Since posting here things have taken a turn for the worse. When I posted here the Kaspersky protection add-on was working SOME OF THE TIME. Almost 2 weeks ago FireFox presented me with an updated version of the K add-on, which needed to be enabled. I did enable it, and since then the Kaspersky add-on has not functioned. I have the latest version of FireFox (60.0, will try 60.0.1 later today), for the kaspersky add-on, and version for Kaspersky. I tried working from a fresh and new FF profile. I have used Kaspersky / FireFox for a really long time, but this is really unworkable. Has anyone got another idea what is going on? By the way, I mentioned in my post: This is still the case. Don't know if this is related. If you have any idea what is going on, please post here.
  4. I am using FireFox Quantum 59.0.2 (64-bit), which seems to be the latest version. The Kaspersky extension has version 20171109. It says "Last updated April 16, 2018", which is the date I re-installed the latest version of Kaspersky ( (g). I have not tried a manual remove/re-installation. Thanks so far!
  5. After a lot of trouble getting Kaspersky and Firefox working together regarding scanning encrypted connections I finally got it to work. It involved re-installing the latest Kaspersky Total Security (which made matters worse at first) and manually re-installing the Kaspersky certificate. My current problem is that the Kaspersky Protection Extension is not working in FireFox. I have the latest version of FireFox, and the extension is ENABLED. In the top-right corner of FF I only see a grey-out shield, where there used to be something green that could be clicked to see what was blocked. The strange thing is that it worked for a few days this week, but not before and not now. I also see adds now although I have anti-banner ON. I have not made any updates to FF or K this week. The only odd thing that I see is that there are two versions of the Kaspersky Anti-virus personal root certificate. One of them does not allow the certificate to identify websites. Checking that to ALLOW, does not help. Removing that certificate, and keeping the other one does not help. After a while the second certificate re-appears, still with no allowance for identifying websites. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?
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