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  1. Thank you to all of the people who posted potential solutions. A few days after my original post, before I had tried any of the proposed resolutions, Firefox presented another message. I don't have it verbatim but the gist was that some unnamed external app had presented a firefox add-in named "Kaspersky Protection" which had been installed and did I wish to enable it? So I clicked "enable" and since then there has been no problem.
  2. Thank you for your help, kbill. Clearly I am on an older release of KIS than you are. You stated that you are on 5.1.94... and as shown in the original post I am on 5.0.141... I will check for, and install any updates to Firefox, KIS and Windows, and if the problem does not go away I will come back for more advice. Meanwhile, I would like to look further into the root cause of this problem. Why am I on an older version? I have KIS Settings turned on for "download and install new versions automatically" so I would think that I would not be on an older version for more than a day or two after GA of a new version. So I did not realize that I needed to pay attention to the possibility of KIS updates. But to be safe, I am using Kaspersky Software Updater to advise me of important missed updates to apps. Just now it is advising me to upgrade to the current version of Google Chrome, butr makes no mention of an available update to KIS. Why does my copy of Kaspersky seem unaware of the availability of an update? kbill, are you on a General Availability release or are you on a pre-release test version of KIS?
  3. Firefox Add-on Manager reports: Legacy Extensions These extensions do not meet current Firefox standards so they have been deactivated. Learn more about the changes to addons [!] Kaspersky Protection could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled. Kaspersky Protection Your protection on the Internet with extension from Kaspersky Lab Last Updated February 20, 2018
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